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Fuad · 8/28/2015
Great application.

I love this application as it allows me to use a keyboard to search for my favorite movies. I also enjoy streaming my music and photos where before I had to by a DLNA capable device. This is just built in

Loren · 8/24/2015
Love the Roku app

Overall the app is great! I love the my channels section and add/removing apps. Sometimes when adding channels you get a server error and have to try a second time. Fix this and I'll give it five stars. It just works, except as noted, love the keyboard - much faster doing searches! And the remote functions respond instantly, very happy.

Dave · 8/26/2015
Great product

Love the boxes and the app, I don't have a smart tv yet and this makes things so easy when I'm browsing the internet and want to watch the you tube video or really anything my computer is playing on my television.

Raj · 8/22/2015

Excellent app..nice options to share photos and music directly to tv from phone.

Jonathan · 8/26/2015
Add search, move remote app into main app

Would be nice if you could search for content and launch it on your Roku from within the application. Voice search with Cortana or the Microsoft speech api would be nice. Also please integrate the remote into the main application so that two windows aren't launched. Being able to view the contents of a channel from the ROKU app would also be amazing, so that we can pick what we want within the channel to view on the ROKU without having to use the actual ROKU.

Juliet · 8/20/2015
Like it!

Fast and easy to use.

Eric · 8/15/2015
Good app, needs a little extra polish for Win10

Just installed this on my Win10 PC. I love the display, which is true to both Roku and the newer Windows style. If anything, navigating the channel store is slicker than going through the website, and it's good to have the Play on Roku feature on my PC, since that's where all my purchased music lives. There are a few tweaks on my wishlist for living in desktop space, though. For instance, while the actual remote panel usually works like a dream with a touchscreen device, working it with a mouse feels a bit clunky. I'd love to see some keyboard shortcuts in the future. Also, for some reason (at least on my system) the remote loads as its own window as big as the main window, where on the thumbnails it looks more like a slide-out drawer. Overall, it's very pleasing. The app actually expands what my Roku can do. It just needs to make a few allowances for us geezers working it from a desktop.

Reviewer 3414 · 8/4/2015
Tired of the server/client technobabble

ROKU is undoubtedly a device for those of us who don't want to spend hours configuring databases and searching out streaming media. My one complaint is the statement that Roku cannot stream media to one's PC because it is not a "media server." When Roku is streaming media to my decent Samsung LED TV and high end surround sound processor via HDMI, is it a client? This is a bogus argument vis a vis Roku not "serving" media to PC's. It is digital information: that's all. It could as easily be streamed over an Ethernet cable, a high speed wifi connection or some other means to any number of devices such as tablets (I have 2), phones (many) and not just TV sets. With so many of us using digital media on our PC's it makes no sense the best Roku can do is allow us to use our PC's as expensive remote controls. So, Roku development, get off the stick and code a Roku PC/Android player and I'll give you 5 stars. A glorified remote is not deserving of 5 stars.

Kyle · 7/25/2015

Much more than a remote! You can also stream music 🎶 and photos from your phone to your TV 📺. (5 Stars - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟, Works great! Please integrate this app to work with Project My Screen. (When you fix this it will be perfect!)

Dave · 7/5/2015

Just got a Roku with our new TV, and I was impressed with how easy the setup was and how well done the app is. Thanks for supporting Windows Phone! Update: I have to cut a star for annoyingly not picking up my roku stick pretty often on the network even though everything is properly connected. Sometimes restarting the app fixes it, sometimes turning off my cell data is the solution. Sometimes I have to turn off WiFi and turn it back on, and sometimes nothing works but just trying later. When it works it is awesome. When it doesn't, it is incredibly annoying and tedious.


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Added search, channel store, and Play on Roku capabilities. Also works with Roku TV!

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