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mike · 3/23/2014

I want to buy but seems pricey for something there are fee versions of. I've had the trial for a few months and have yet to see any updates... I like the button layout the best of the rpn apps.. Not crazy about colors and lack of settings. Almost identical to realcalc on android but less options

David · 1/11/2013

Nice scientific RPN calculator. Enough features to be useful, and even has sufficient help screen explaining what some of the 'odd' keys are far.

Deangans63 · 1/20/2012

Nice app. Works like my old hp 11c. Would be nice to be able to change colors though, I have a hard time seeing the red "shifted" key labels.

WadsDeirder · 12/24/2011

This is an excellent calculator. Please do keep the digit grouping display, the automatic updating for the history (This is noticeable when changing bases), and the seemingly unlimited stack quantity. There are a couple of things that I would like to see regarding calculation though. The first thing that I would like to see support for more significant digits (Windows' Calculator displays 32.). The second thing that I would like to see is higher values. It seems that the calculator encounters an overflow after........9.99999999999 * 10 ^ 208? (I am not sure what the exact value is, but it is probably somewhere in that general area). Windows' calculator encounters an overflow after 9.9999999999999999999999999999999 * 10 ^ 9,999. Inclusion of the comma for the scientific notation would be much appreciated as well. The application is well-coded and easy to use! Keep up the good work!

Joe -Ike- · 11/13/2014

Worked ok for a while then hung-up

Craig · 9/6/2013

Functional and stable ;-)

Ricardo · 12/11/2012

Really good app.

wilmicii · 4/8/2012

Best Windows Phone RPN I've used. Red on gray is difficult for me to see.

regzan181 · 6/30/2012

The operations that start with 0. don't work.

Mojado · 9/13/2011

Great stack support. Only thing to beat this would be a 48G emulator.


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