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Clarence · 7/22/2015

Wish it would support the easier file import, but other than that it is better than the iOS version.

Barrie · 7/3/2014

The RSA app was last updated in 2012 meaning your system admins need to use RSA's 2012 key generators or you get invalid token when using a new token key. RSA need to update their app to accept the new tokens the other platforms use.

Ged · 6/29/2014

Been using this daily for around 12 months. Fantastic app, never had a problem with it

Larry · 8/5/2013

Excellent application and works as expected. The timing seems to be a bit different than on the laptop for when the numbers change. Haven't tested to see if I can successfully use a number before it appears it is active based on the laptop. For those trying to figure out how to set this up. Download from EMC TokenConverter.exe then use this command for the windows phone... TokenConverter.exe. yourfile.sdtid -mobile Then copy the long string into the app. Good luck

Mike · 1/3/2013

Awesome app! Just ask your admin to provide you a soft token as a URL. They may have to dig or do work, but its there. My IT guys figured it out. Punch that URL in and good to go.

Jonathan · 7/22/2015
Limited functions

Needs ability to import sdtid files, and support for AM 8.1.

Nishant · 8/19/2015
Win 10

Doesn't work on windows 10 phones.

Mukesh · 11/12/2014

Not compatible with latest version of RSA authentication manager, version 8.x. Also does not support ct-kip dynamic seed provisioning.

Marc · 8/18/2014

Doesn't work on WP 8.1. Fails to import token. Please fix this asap!!

Curtis · 6/20/2014

Outstanding app. Great for productivity. Thank you.


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