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Tomasz · 7/2/2015

When i Watch live tv or listen to the radio my screen lock afer some Time and i musi unlock It to continue watching. Please fix it

Steve · 7/5/2015

Great app. News from another perspective. Keep up the good work

keith m · 7/28/2015

Where is the search feature....

Xpose69 · 7/18/2015

Live video does not work

Billy · 5/12/2015
Russian State Ran Propaganda

Wikipedia this company, it's pure propaganda against the West, not once ever in it's history saying anything negative about glorious Putin. The app also crashed when I tried to initially open it.

RON · 4/20/2015

App worked great. No problems at all. Now when tried to close app, it'll froze up and can't reopened app.

Andreas · 1/27/2015

Highly manipulative but that's to be expected from a Russian 'news' service. A lot of the content is a distortion of reality, some of it is the exact opposite of what's really happened. It's almost fun to read / watch.

Robert · 12/11/2014

Seems to have issues crashing when accessing stories.. Very frustrating. Seemed to be working well until the last update..

Spurs · 9/27/2014
Ok ... BUT

I like the fact RT puts real news 'out there,' Doesn`t hide stuff , or as much as Main stream news . But my Norton AV picks up a 'Threat' - WS.Reputation.1 ( Google Analytics) . Nope , can`t have that , NO googled for me !

Chris · 9/24/2014

App update is great, 5🌟 worthy... Need to be able to rotate for full screen in landscape mode.

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