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Jon · 8/22/2015
Great running app

Simple to use. Works every time the screen is off or under lock. Good splits and maps. Consistent look. Would like to see the ability to see mile markers (with options, 2, 5, etc.) on the maps. Heartrate monitor is great but maybe add a stopwatch feature so one can manually check heartrate or other timing activities without resetting the previous run/bike. Would not have to change apps then. Thanks.

Barbara · 8/14/2015

Love this app!! Super accurate and never shuts off during run. Tried many others and this one is the best. No sign up required or pesky logins. Highly recommend and so easy to use! Thank you for finally making a great app for running!

Joseph · 8/21/2015

Great app! Shows speed, distance, elevation, and maps the route you take.

Brandon · 8/26/2015

Works awesome. Very user friendly and intuitive. So many functions. Pretty much flawless.

afton · 8/7/2015

I love this app, easy to use!

Aimee · 7/16/2015

Excellent app. The only modification I would make is an easier way to view my history (multiple runs at once).

jake · 7/9/2015

Simple app that has everything I want in a very simple format. I can't seem to find a way to show miles/per minute pace but its easy to find out. That doesn't factor into my rating because I'm sure it just me being stupid.

Alex · 7/17/2015

I've been using it for cycling and running for a while. Easy to navigate and use app. Must have!

Mike · 6/29/2015

Robust. Really like this app; use it alot. Voluntarily donated! Wish there was some place to offer suggestions. I'd like to see the voice feature include an option to display a current speed. Now it just speaks the average speed, which is nice, but of limited use of you are running long distances and are trying to push yourself.

K · 7/8/2015

Easy to use. Doesn't quit working when you check messages or another app.


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v2.30 - v2.30.2 • Ability to display information about current location • Minor changes and small improvements v2.29 • Added a delayed start feature • Added a setting to control the location acquisition rate • The voice can announce the maximum speed v2.27 - v2.28 • Added ability to name routes • Minor changes and small improvements v2.26 • New language: Brazilian Portuguese • Statistics: added heart rate and calories burned • Added ability to read KML files • Minor changes and small improvements v2.25 • New language: Hungarian • Minor changes and small improvements v2.24 • New language: Finnish • Minor changes and small improvements v2.23 • Added an auto-pause feature • New setting to prevent the screen from turning off while recording v2.22 • Minor changes v2.21 • New activity: skiing • GPX: export of the dilution of precision (DOP) v2.18 - v2.20 • Added heart rate monitoring • Improved GPX support • Heart rate data is included in KML and GPX files • Minor changes and small improvements v2.17 • Ability to follow a route on the map • Minor changes and small improvements v2.16 • New languages: Russian, Turkish and Czech v2.15 • Added ability to read and import GPX files • Fixed map offset problem (China) • Minor changes and small improvements