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What’s new: * 7 new Story Runs: - Your Journey to Weight Loss I - Your Journey to Weight Loss II - The Carrier of Truth II - The Carrier of Truth III - The Tetradome Run I - The Tetradome Run II - Moments of Bliss * New app language: Korean

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Joseph · 7/29/2015

Really great app, worth the money spent. One thing though, when I receive my fitness reports via email its asking me to become a premium member. I've already purchased pro, are the two things separate? Kind of disheartening, but at least the app shows me the rundown of everything I've accomplished so I don't mind too much. Itching to try out a story run also, they look interesting!

Anthony · 7/24/2015

Love this app, gives me all the info I want when running. I run Pandora in the background, would be nice if it integrated together but its not a hassle the way I currently run it. You do not need the pay for their gold program to enjoy this app.

lawrence · 7/11/2015

Great way to track your progress. Would like more variety for functional fitness programs and interaction with others but this site rocks

Beth · 7/10/2015

I really love ❤ this app! Lots of good features & runs under lock screen.

Jason · 7/9/2015

Great app, it has bugged out a couple times, but only to minor annoyance. The website logs my runs one day off though. I love the map, and many stats it tracks.

Mikki · 7/6/2015

First time using a tracker for a bike ride. Easy to use. I will play with it more for sure. An auto pause feature would be cool though. Overall, first time user liked the app.

Michael · 7/23/2015

Easy and user friendly.

Paco · 7/14/2015

Saves to cloud, so upgrading phone is easy. Data is transferred. 5 stars when able to synch w heart rate monitor

kristen · 7/1/2015

I highly recommend this app. It tells you speed at any given time while running, the amount of water needed to rehydrate, and your splits as short as 0.5 mile

Fabián Crístofer · 7/16/2015

Excellent! Now I can do exercise every week and knowing how many calories I loose...