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Ashley · 8/17/2015

I really liked this app at first, it is convenient, easy to use, etc. However, more often than not, when I turn my phone screen off, the app does not continue to run. It does have a feature to add the time and distance since the 'pause' started, but the distance added is a straight line from the last recorded to the current location, often deleting miles run, while keeping the time it took to ran them. As much as I like this app, I need one that is able to keep an accurate record of my runs.

Mike · 8/20/2015

GPS Wildly inaccurate. App suspends then resumes, even when given tons of time to resume, GPS is way off. Seems way behind route so your speed and time are way off. Not even useful. MSN Health far better, although it is being discontinued. I am uninstalling Runtastic. Useless.

Israel · 8/14/2015

Great app, except there's issues with multitasking where it stops with 00:00 but continues on with the activity.. But so far so good, I just leave it and lock the screen. Update-been a year since I used it and now first time back it worked great, but now it paused and loses GPS so when I did 6miles it says I only did one and wants to to resume my session with 23minutes of paused. I already did necessary precautions to fix it to no avail

Dorri · 8/10/2015

I begrudgingly started using runtastic approximately two years ago, when I switched to a phone that didn't support my old phone app. I absolutely love it! I use a arm support and have NO issues, however my husband holds his in his hand and sometimes accidentally bumps the pause button due to its placement which is a bit frustrating. I love that the start,stop,pause buttons are so big and are easy to use. My old program didn't transition nearly so easy. I also love that it runs smoothly and stays up on the screen for easy viewing. Other than the slight issue my husband has discovered as mentioned above, we both have no problems with the app and in fact we extremely like it! Its easy to use for all training levels!!!

Earl · 8/25/2015

I only use the basic functions. I wish it connected to any Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Manu · 8/19/2015

Best app for run tracking on Windows phone..i just want share to WhatsApp feature built

Andy · 8/11/2015

Great app. Lots of info

Robert · 8/2/2015

The best running app for Windows Phone! Works very well and has so many cool features for a free app. Update: Doesn't keep a record of my previous runs on the pro version... Switched to Track Runner :(

Cristian · 8/9/2015

It's a great way to be able to push myself more and more. Awesome app.

Deepak Kumar · 8/17/2015

Very nice App. But I am unable to lock gps most of the time. Lumia 430.


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