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MASRIK · 7/29/2015


Lauren · 6/11/2014
18mo old niece & 4yo nephew liked it!

18mo old niece & 4yo nephew liked it! So, pretty good age range there (and probably for a bit more to come), as well as appealing to both sexes. They come from an Apple house and so it was nice that they were also available on iOS (they also have an ipad I keep for their use at my house but after a bit of arguing over who would be able to play one of the Sago apps on the ipad first, attempting to get them to play together in harmony, and then explaining about how we were going to take turns: I found the Sago apps here & bought one we hadn't purchased yet on iOS). Sago apps are not available through Google Play, though, which is disappointing (but available through Amazon for Kindle Fire but not the generation I own). Also, nice that it doesn't push pretty pink princesses on my niece or whatever the equivalent would be for stereotypical boy things for my nephew. This app is a simple idea that is well executed and appeals to both boys and girls.

Daisy · 3/24/2015

It's so cute and fun for older kids

Tarush · 3/25/2015

Sago makes great apps for kids. Love it

Hinata85 · 7/21/2015

Very cute, fun and brightly colored game. My children enjoy it. I recommend if you have young children. No in app purchasing so you don't have to worry about kid buying stuff. Love this company, they make cute games. Check out the others too!

Shawn and Rene · 4/1/2015

at foster care know buddy liked it. kids do not like this!!!! it is stuped

Emily · 3/27/2015

Love it. Very creative and cute.

Danny · 2/28/2015

Great little app for a 1 year old, my daughter loves it.

berret · 1/8/2015

Very fun, my kids love exploring. Want more worlds and characters!

User · 11/25/2014

perfect app for younger kids! My nephew enjoyed this app on a long car ride! 👍



  • No in-app purchases or third-party advertising, so you and your child are free to discover without interruptions!
  • Perfect for preschoolers and toddlers
  • Sing, dance and laugh with Fins and his friends
  • More than 30 fun animations to discover
  • Make up stories to accompany the actions
  • Use your finger (or mouse) to move Fins through the ocean
  • Guide Fins to the yellow markers to uncover fun animations

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