• Real time countdown to Christmas, location information, visual mapping, polar alerts and status information.

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In this update, we: - Fixed a bug that was leading to incorrect countdown values in some markets. - Fixed a bug that was causing some users who had paid to remove adds to continue seeing adds after the upgrade.

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Erik · 11/9/2014
the santa tracker

this app isn't as fun I thought it was going to be there probly making up all of this stuff if I had to rate this it'll be at 0 I don't like this app.

D · 12/26/2013

Santa's in the workshop 24/7. Even late at night on Xmas eve when he should have already started his route somewhere on the planet, he was still in the "workshop".

chris · 12/6/2013

An ok app! The data is wrong!!!

Kristen · 11/4/2014
Love it

Only reason I gave 4, I think it should have music to it as well, and/or more artwork, maybe a picture of Santa. Other wise, it is a fantastic app and the kids enjoy it a lot!

Erin · 1/1/2014
Santa track

Its cute and if you have little kids they would LOVE it!

Danny · 12/25/2013
this app is ludicrous and degrading to children

I hope to god this isn't available next year. I was looking through the polar alerts and all that there is BAD news and if children are reading it they read that there was a CUSTOMS holdup on supplies and some children in a particular location might not receive wooden toys they requested. that kind of sh*t would really hurt a child reading it. as I said, this app is not only useless and asinine, it's ludicrously unreal that they would put all the BAD news concerning Santa's arrival. elf's on strike, customs hold-up on material, sleigh problems, it's all BULLSH*T I am reporting this app to Microsoft. even though iut's too late to remove it, being it's xmas eve and 7pm my local time, so anyone how reads this, GET ANOTHER SANTA COUNTDOWN AP, and report this one and give it BAD reviews it deserves.

Tobias · 12/24/2013

I got NORAD Tracks Santa app and these to are totally different. I think Maybe later they will match up... hopefully!

Mary · 12/24/2013
Where's Santa Now Kids?????


abbee · 12/24/2013

Would be very fun for your young kids and it gives you the inside scoop on what's happening at the north pole

Jocelyn · 12/24/2013
Santa track

it is amazing, my family loves to see where Santa is at and its one of those things that makes everyone smile! Best app ever

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