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Birch · 6/6/2013

A maximum bench size of 20? It really should be big enough to hold the whole team to make it easier to add/remove players from the batting order for each new game. MLB has a maximum active roster of 25. In some of the minors, 20 slots isn't even enough for the bull pen.

Stephanie · 4/2/2013

Need the ability to edit a play when entered wrong

lavarez · 6/22/2012

It does the job ( I think it is the only windows phone 7 that scores baseball), I feel I'm using an old Nintendo game to score a game. Hopefully improvements are on the horizon.

Player607700631 · 4/6/2012

Nice app that gets close, but not close enough. Need defense positions recorded with # of innings played at each position and then the corresponding fielding stats. Was really hopeful that this app would replace pencil and paper. Please please improve the app. I'd pay much more than $0.99.

stewart · 6/16/2015

It is ok. Functionality available to record lots of great stats, but several stats neither appear on score card or alternative screens. The score card format was based on a manual system, why wouldn't an "electronic" solution (like this one) include some alternative statistical views. Having modern day input and data only to use 120 year old view seems incomplete.

Scott · 5/30/2015

Really good. Easy to use and makes it easy to coach and keep scorebook at the same time.

Dan · 5/12/2015

Easier than the $10 iScore on my android!!! auto moves players and great for real time scorkeepibf!

Scott · 4/12/2015

This is a great app! Easy to use, no instructions needed, just makes sense! The wife has an android phone, when are you going to make app available for all formats????

Kevin · 7/15/2014

Excellent app, so simple so complete. Well done.

Andrew · 7/6/2014

Easy to use, intuitive.


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Minor bugfixes related to error tracking and spray chart display.