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Version -Updated TOS Version -Resolve issue where SCRUFF always takes you back to Grid page -Resolve issue where sharing an album sometimes does not work Version -Resolve issue with Location Services not toggling off and saving correctly Version -Resolve issues with SCRUFF hanging on Resuming Page -Resolve issue where SCRUFF always bounces back to Global Grid Version - Fix user reported issue with message shown when downloading more nearby users - Add support for new qHD Windows Phone devices Version - Fix user reported crashes on Lumia 535 devices Version All new and redesigned for Windows Phone 8.1! Including: - SCRUFF Pro, for unlimited messaging, browsing and search - Filter guys and communities - Swipe-to-browse - Pinnable profiles - Cortana integration

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Michael · 5/7/2015

Freezes constantly, crashes often, and the interface is clumsy. The developers obviously do not understand how to use the Metro design language. They updated the app seemingly just to put ads in it, as selecting a profile just dumps you back to the user list. No Match Stack.

David · 4/30/2015

Updated rating/review 4-30-15 for Lumia 635. After getting recent update the following still hasn't been fixed. While texting or viewing profiles app crashes regularly and/or makes the Windows Phone OS reboot although you can quickly get back into app. When retrieving a chat message, one must always go through profile instead of going directly to chat. Needs speech to text integration. This section applies to Lumia 520 on 7/15/14. First, the app crashes regularly and/or makes the Windows OS reboot although you can quickly get back into app. Last, when retrieving a chat message, one must always go through profile instead of going directly to chat. Can't wait for future updates to address these issues!

Eric · 5/1/2015

Would like the features if they worked reliably. I have to restart often, because the app resets back to the beginning too often when I tap any tile or key. Very annoying. I hope it gets fixed in an update.

Josh · 4/14/2015

I cant open peoples profile pictures. I can't actually see them well without being able to open them and see then without all the woof and message and profile details out of the way

C · 4/25/2015

App looks great and everything, but no matter what I click on, it just sends me back to the "global" page. I can't view profiles, read or send messages or anything. I couldn't even get to the support link. It just sends me right back to the "global" page...

Armani Ronaldo · 5/9/2015

I, too, am having problems loading profiles, views, woofs, even settings, as of today. I hope the developers take notice of these reviews so they can fix and update the app.

Christopher · 4/27/2015

love the app, but the latest update crashes constantly.

Steven · 4/13/2015

I just wish this app didn't drain my battery so quickly and force close every 10-15 minutes.

Joshua · 6/8/2015

Since the update, I can't do anything. I can't view profiles or send messages. All that does is take me back to the global page. Updates are nice, but updates that render a previously good app non-functional are not. Please fix. EDIT: The app has been fixed. I've changed my rating accordingly.

Jaypee · 4/16/2015

Thanks for the update,Scruff! It's faster now and works smoothly than before. Will continue using this for as long as you keep on updating.