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Jessica · 5/30/2013

Would be nice if all of the fields on the website were replicated in the app for reporting issues (in particular, the categories). Otherwise, this app works well, and here in Washington DC, response by various authorities is generally quick.

Wade · 3/13/2013

Thank you! It would be helpful if the app itself could give guidance about what sort of things to report. I say that because to noise seems pretty low in my area... not sure what is to blame but the WP8 app says nothing about what I should be doing with the app, and if the others platforms are the same...

Dread · 3/13/2013

Excellent, apps that provide services like this should be fully supported. This is a great way for us average peons to try and get our local government to move faster. First thing I'll do with it is send in some reports on the many problems on the cycling trails I use.

Scott · 3/13/2013

It doesn't appear to be connected into any official system so while it may feel great reporting these items, there's a good chance they'll never be seen by the people that have the power to fix them.

Kyle · 5/13/2015

Useful, does what is is supposed to. Happy to have it on Windows Phone!

David · 4/20/2015

My post disappear when that are valid, or maybe cities can delete.them...

Nhon · 4/11/2015

Needs an update.

User · 6/18/2015

I would give 0 stars if it would let me. LOGS OFF SO OFTEN THAT I CAN'T EVEN LOOK ON IT

DS · 3/30/2015

Doesn't find addresses. If you are not at the location where the complaint is, and try to put in an address it doesn't find it.

Rick · 5/23/2014

Sometimes it will not log in. I gave had to reregister several times.


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