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Latest Version Adds: - Second LFO - Waveform Blend Mode - Channel and Step level panning - Sample note repeat and synth note length adjustments per step - Tempo synced LFOs and Echo effects - Piano pitch edit popup - More color options - Tempo swing - Fix for saved preset loading bug - Added error reporting to track down crashes - Patch for some crashes - Fixed imported sample loading bug - 14 Channels (ProPack) - 1024 Step limit (ProPack) - Import and Export Project Files (ProPack) - Synth Preset Saving (ProPack)

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Reviewer 5389 · 6/6/2015
Worth the time

At first look it seems overly simplistic to the point I felt nothing creative can be made beyond simple repetitive drum loops. Then I noticed that options I wanted were not so obvious but were available. Buy the full package, take your time and you will not only find its a stable and a solid Sequencer but its easy fun to use and the best on Windows. On the downside i have not found a mix down or performance record option. If you have an external track recorder then it's not an issue but if your doing it all on one device it may be

Johnny · 7/31/2015
Very Impressive

With this simple app now I can make music for my indie game! Thank you. Gonna buy this, please update for Windows 10 too

Russ · 5/17/2014
This WAS a good app

Newest update only crashes before it opens.

Tariq · 4/3/2014
Ok this sucks

I can't save my sequences anywhere else other thin the app it self. Please fix

matthew · 3/23/2014
Where is the save button/feature?

It would be nice with a couple of more features.

Merari · 11/17/2013
No sound

No audio playing.

Jon · 9/3/2013
Poor UI

Impossible to figure out how to move from the first pattern to build more patterns and a song. Menus and screens are both limiting and confusing.

navin · 8/16/2013
what goes up must come down

it was fun at first ,tried to use the app again and it keeps kicking me out when I go to play the track . hope it doesn't happened to someone else

Roy · 12/26/2012
Answer for your saving problems......

Just record the beats with the sound recorder on your pc/tablet.

Egidijus · 11/27/2012
so so

User experience and UI is terrible..

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