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Version 3.2 adds two user-requested features (jump lists and auto-lock disable) and includes several bug fixes.

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Harold · 7/10/2015

It's the best app I've found for shopping lists. Simple and easy to use, and syncs our phones. I would have given it five stars if it was available for our PC. I looked for an app that would work on the PC and our phones but couldn't find anything as good as this app, so we'll make do and hope for a PC version. Update: My wife got an Android phone. Because SSL isn't available for Android, we'll have to use a different program (OneNote) to be able to sync our phones. I prefer SSL for shopping but... .

Lisa · 7/24/2015

I love this app. My husband, my son, and I all have this app. It makes going shopping so much easier because anyone that is connected can update the list. I also like the fact that you can customize the u/m and categories to your liking, and add as many lists as you want. Good job on this app.

Juel · 6/29/2015

This app worked for a few days, but quit sharing with the other phone. I can't get it to update the other phone at all. It also shows working off line most of the time

Cory · 6/28/2015

Excellent app. There are rare times it doesn't update from the shared user but most often works great. Makes grocery shopping so much easier.

Steve · 7/24/2015
PC version?

Agree with Harold. A PC version to sync with would knock this out of the park as an app. But works very well as it is.

Julee · 6/28/2015

It worked well for a while, now it won't share between phones. Tried uninstalling, etc., still won't sync and says we're working offline.

Tricia · 6/22/2015

This app worked so great for a long time. It's pure genius and very easy to use. But after the recent upgrades(we got two a day or so apart) the app won't connect to the internet anymore. Too bad but we'll have to replace it now.

Cherie · 6/19/2015

Have loved this app for almost 2 years but it suddenly only works offline thereby nulling the share feature.

JimD · 6/18/2015

Used to work great but has been offline now for 5 days even tho my phone is connected. The person whom I share the list with is experiencing the same problem.

Mitch · 5/17/2015

Love it!! This is THE BOMB app for sharing shopping lists and making things EASY! Awesomeness!