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Paul · 8/17/2015
Best one I've found

This is the only file/folder explorer I've found so far that permits me to browse, search, and/or map network folders. Mapping to my cloud services, like the rest do, is all well and good, but doesn't satisfy my needs. Mapping to nfs or smb shares is a mission critical feature for me, and almost broke WP for my use, until I found this app. I dislike the ads of course, but they're less obnoxious with this app than with others, and the functionality goes a long way toward making up for them

Patrick · 8/7/2015
It works

After the update from a few days ago, it now works with WD Mycloud. I am very happy with it! Thank you! The embedded video player is pretty basic now and doesn't Pay most of the videos, I hope we will see a more robust player in the upcoming update. The new Wm 10 video player should be able to play a lot more formats. A wm10 version would be awesome!

Thai · 7/18/2015

Work well on Lumia 635. Copy folders, files to and from Netgear router USB network share to phone SD card, vice versa, no problem. Before this app, I had to use cloud storage Onedrive, Dropbox. etc as intermediate steps. This app is direct and faster. If you use ESfileExplorer on Android then you will feel right at home with this app on WP 8.1

Paul · 7/9/2015

It does what it says, and once you figure out how it works and get it set up, it is quite intuitive! Update 2014/09/17: Larger elements and picture thumbnails! Nice addition. Would be nice if it could run in the background, though.

Saber · 8/23/2015

Add an option to open files with external apps

John · 7/26/2015

Excellent shared folder/file browser. I can now map my network drives and bring up files from the shares on my desktop and use them. I often play my recorded TV, or music across my own network. However, file types not native to win phone haven't worked, even if other programs like vlc are installed. Thanks for filling the shared network drive hole that Microsoft has ignored!!!

Tarık · 8/22/2015

Does not work on password protected smb shares (i tried three different servers)

john · 6/3/2015

Nothing but useful errors when trying to connect.

Meng · 6/11/2015

Great app! It would be even better if the interface could be made more beautiful.

Farhad · 7/31/2015

This app is great and I'm gonna but it, but I wish there were an open with option there for opening files like c# files


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- Added DFS support (experimental).