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Tyler · 10/28/2014

Worked great before, now can't seem to play anything at all. Bummer, too, it was one of my favorite apps.

Nikola · 8/21/2014

Able to log in now with the latest update, but no luck with playing music..

Lorenzo · 7/13/2014

Inconsistent on which songs will play. Suspect it's Grooveshark blocking the app.

Egg · 4/30/2014

Utterly worthless. You can search for sings but good luck getting any of them to actually play. Quite simply, this app does not work at all.

Tilsa · 5/3/2015

Used to love this, but now unable to start it. It just shows up that it's 'Unable to connect' now

Robert · 3/18/2015

Doesn't let you see your collection, useless

Gabriel · 12/28/2014

Not bad, it does everything I've wanted in my Grooveshark app, the UI is barebones...but who cares? I can FINALLY listen to the NEXT track while the phone is LOCKED!!! Also, unlike Grooveshark Mobile Plus (only other GS app that runs with lock screen) it can fully run in the background as well (since its an actual app). Meaning, I can go to home screen or run other apps while tunes continue to play. Only caveat is I can't check the current queue (can only see currently playing track). Still, this is the BEST Grooveshark app by far. Good job with updates guys!

Beren and Tracy · 10/20/2014

Great app. Would love to see Cortana integration and playlist support added!

Garrett · 9/29/2014

Not bad, but a very limited feature set. Please add a shuffle feature. Since I just want to listen to the songs I've already added to my account, the search screens that come up on startup are useless. Still, this app beats out the competitor nineshark in terms of usability and number of actions required. Access to your account's collection would be a nice feature too. If you keep improving this, it could easily become the perfect grooveshark app!

Lourdes · 9/14/2014

Glitches out every once in awhile. Fix the playlist system. Allow the song to be projected and have fast forward options. Kinda like a media player etc.


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New in 3.0! * Brand new UI! You talked, we listened! Fast and fluid and efficient! * New features - complete playlist support. Add, edit, delete * Increased speed and reliability to address all the issues I've seen. * Search history Tell us what you think!