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4 stars out of 5
· 4/28/2015
Works well, missing some Toodledo data fields

There are a lot good views for organist tasks and reviewing tasks. But it is missing a field to enter the length (aka duration) of the task

4 stars out of 5
· 9/27/2014
Great App

I love the app! The new update is wonderful and syncs great with toodledo...the only reason I did not give the app 5 stars is that it does not yet support goal integration in the app. PLEASE ADD THIS!

5 stars out of 5
· 4/12/2014

I'm at a loss why this doesn't have a higher rating. It supports every feature you'll find in Toodledo. I'm so far very happy with this app. If everything keeps going well, I'll definitely purchase after the trail. I've looked at a couple others and you won't find one this detailed. And please don't be an a$$ and give it a low rating because you don't like the interface. I'm personally happy with the clean look. Good sorting options. Entering the date could be a little easier but nothing major. Keep up the good work dev! Basically, stop looking and don't waste your time with other task apps!

5 stars out of 5
· 3/24/2014
Finally a Great Way to Use Toodledo!

I have been trying to use Toodledo on and off for a few years. I really enjoy so much about the program, it just isn't that easy to use the bulky spreadsheet style task tracking. But, I do love to track everything Toodledo allows me to track. I have a full membership and track lists, notebook entries (bye bye evernote), and even files. But I still never worked it into a full system... until SharpTasks. I couldn't be happier with this ap. It works great. It works fast. It hasn't crashed on me yet, and it syncs with Toodledo all the time. I think most importantly it has a GUI interface that really makes doing and tracking tasks easy. The "Inbox" feature alone takes any tasks that you add to toodledo on the go and they await in Sharptasks for when you sign in and can look at them. I think this is what Dave Allen and GTD is all about with the capture method. OK anyway, I love this ap. Thanks for SharpTasks. Jeff Stine

5 stars out of 5
· 1/10/2014
Gets the job done

It's useful and the sync works great. The developer says he is still adding features. I really like the 30 day free trial. It shows the dev believes in his product. I paid after 10 days to support his work!

4 stars out of 5
· 12/31/2013
On the right path

As a toodledo sync capable to do app it is coming along nicely. It seems with each new update one more thing that bugs me disappears or a new feature makes it better. Will get 5 stars when all toodledo task options are replicated in new task setups in SharpTasks. Love the 1/4 screen snap option and it really bugs me that it does not stay in the same screen after a sync but goes back to the home screen.

3 stars out of 5
· 9/19/2013
Date problems

When I add a new task and assign a due date and then go back to the task list, the due date is wrong. For example, if I enter today's date for the Due Date and the go back to the list view, the task will say {Due yesterday}. The list has to be synced before it will it will say (correctly) {Due Today}. I wish it would re-sync automatically any time a change is made. Also, I can't figure out how it decides what a Future Task is.

5 stars out of 5
· 7/24/2013
pretty decent

Just finished 30 day trial and purchased. Haven't noticed any glaring bugs or defects; adding tasks and organizing is simple and pretty decently laid out. Much better than the plain toodledo website for tablet users. While not a power-horse toodledo app (in comparison to iOS offerings), it is functional with a few bells and whistles. I recommend this app to anyone needing a toodledo GUI for touch, and for reminders on W8 tablets. 5 stars as encouragement for the devs to keep making it better!

3 stars out of 5
· 5/2/2013
A good start, but I've uninstalled it

It's awesome that a developer has brought Toodledo support to the Windows 8 store. Pros were that search was implemented and the sync was fast! On the downside I'm not a fan of how the UI was arranged. I'm a big user of Getting Things Done so I have a LOT of tasks. I don't like how big the task tiles were which caused a lot of scrolling during reviews. This app can have a lot of data in it and you need a better way to visualize it than what it comes with in my opinion.

3 stars out of 5
· 4/23/2013
Good Start

Nice clean design, although it could be refined a bit. The inability to delete tasks (as far as I can tell) is a little crazy, although I'm pretty confident this will be added. I'd love the option for multi-layered sorting, for instance by due date, then by folder, too. Thanks for bringing us an app that syncs with ToodleDo!

stars out of 5


  • Synchronize with tasks, folders, contexts and tags on Toodledo.
  • Add new tasks to inbox (right click or ctl-n to bring up the app bar menu)
  • Edit task properties directly inline (folder, context, priority, status, due date/time, tags and notes).
  • Full featured dedicated Snap mode.
  • Add edit and remove folders & contexts
  • Offline synchronization
  • Search charm (just start typing and the search will initiate)
  • Add new tasks directly to a task group
  • Show completed tasks
  • Alarm functionality
  • Ability to delete tasks and sync with deleted tasks on toodledo
  • Live Tiles & Background Updates
  • Start date filtering
  • Ctl-D to insert current date and time into text areas
  • Repeated tasks
  • Filtering - right click or swipe down on groups on the main page to filter by them
  • NEW: Customizable task ordering and grouping
  • NEW: Bulk editing of tasks (right click or swipe enabled)
  • NEW: Configurable default priority
  • NEW: SUBTASKS support for Silver+ Toodledo members

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