• Buy tracks easily
  • Watch music videos and concerts from YouTube
  • Share tags on Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter & more
  • Learn the lyrics you thought you knew
  • Read album reviews and artist biographies
  • Use Shazam in Snap View while browsing the web or using another application

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Version Notes

1.5.0 • Now works beautifully with Windows 8.1 • Improved multi-tasking, with flexible windows sizing 1.4.1 • Minor bug fixes 1.4.0 • Tag without coverage, Shazam will match when you have a connection • Numerous UI improvements • Improved recognition speed. • Bug fixes for improved performance • Better Ad integration Note: No 'Buy on Xbox Music' yet.

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Ramin · 7/24/2015

Everything is great in this version. But when I want to go left and right it's a little bit lagy...

Aaron · 7/10/2015

Though visually much more attractive it still isn't as powerful as soundhound in listening and detectin music.

Ismael · 6/28/2015

Its a great app but can u put an adjustment where when i listen to my music i can turn off my phone and my music still goes on playing while its off itll make me happier

Albertico · 7/4/2015

This app has shaped up quite a bit, the dynamic lyrics definitely impressed me. Well-deserved solid 5 stars.

Boomer · 5/30/2015

Really does work super super quickly, which is great. There's some weird stuff with the UI though. None of the app bars are tappable/pullable from the left side, which is possible everywhere else in Windows Phone. They also look really oversized on big screens like the 1520, so clearly the devs haven't coded for scaling that large. It would also be nice to get accounts in the app like other platforms have. Also would like to see an option for vibrate on ID, and saving data for later ID when offline.

George · 7/23/2015

Great, but Cortana now can shazam songs without this app.

mark · 6/13/2015

Tired of the ' didn't quite catch that ' message

Aisha · 7/14/2015

Good app! Just needs a transparent tile.

Hoang · 5/25/2015

Works great. Cortana may be faster, but Shazam can identify more songs. Support has also been great, very quick to respond with a real response.

Kevin · 6/2/2015

I love the new interactive information on the live tile. Enable transparent live tile when shows the icon of Shamzam (the tile still show a background blue, when shows the icon of Shazam, the "S")... but when turn around the live tile is transparent with information of lastest song shazamed (this doesn't any sense). Why the app takes a millions of years to open?

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