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Dave · 8/15/2015

Works well enough. Synchronization between family is good. Will not scan bar codes from HTC one m8. Camera tries to focus but won't. Can't update physical address(it lists me as generically DE-and I haven't been to Germany in 10 years.)

Guy · 11/13/2012


reno9410 · 3/1/2012

This app has problems...locks up my phone.

Player865341497 · 1/30/2012

Cannot scan US barcodes. Other than that apps looks good.

Muki · 7/8/2015

Much better than even versions that cost. Can finally share shopping lists.

Cheryl · 6/3/2015

I loved this app until the latest update. Now it drastically drains my battery when I use it....grrrrr.

Lea · 2/13/2015

Unable to put details about an item (quantity to purchase, brand name, flavor, etc). Unable

Christine · 10/13/2014

I really like this app, but it needs an offline mode so I can see team lists without an internet connection. Also, needs a user forum or better FAQs. It took a while to figure out that I have to leave the"let others find me" option on or my friends can't share lists. Also, you have to make team lists in order for everyone to edit them. Did not work well with my husband's android.

hip · 6/26/2014

Great, simple to use app. Only thing it lacks is a budget part. Either manual or through scan.

Kristian · 3/10/2014

I've been using this app together with my wife for the past year or so in order to have a shared grocery list on our phones. Two things that have kept bugging us all this time made us uninstall it and switch to using OneNote today: 1. the need to press the 'save' button after editing the list, or otherwise lose your changes by default. 2. The super-irritating error when you add something to the list saying that this item is already in the list (well, if it is, just uncheck the existing entry which is hidden somewhere among the 200+ unsorted entries in the unchecked list. Don't force me to go scroll the list to find it manually.).


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