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Michael · 8/23/2015

Great idea but should be sortable in different ways. Also a barcode scanner would be nice so can scan my favorites as I go down an isle

Vikram · 7/25/2015
No sharing = little use

Shopping lists aren't that useful if you can't share with household members. Poor design thought.

Matt · 7/12/2015

First, I really like this app; it's free, not-ad supported and is simple to use. It would be nice if this was integrated with a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 app. Would like a 'clear all' feature to reset my weekly grocery list. Great app otherwise.

Michael · 6/10/2015

Its free so it gets 3 stars. All its missing is the option to share my list through text or email and ill give 5

Thomas · 5/23/2015

Good over all. Needs quick way to scroll through categories and to add categories while adding items. Is cumbersome when you have a long developed list.

John · 4/24/2015

Simple and easy to use. Keeps multiple lists. Great!

Michele · 5/31/2015

Awesome! However, I wish there was a way to back lists up or if there is a way then it should be easier to find out how to do this.

Kathryn · 4/11/2015

Simple, straight forward, no wasted space, allows multiple lists and addition of categories, descriptions, etc. List history feature helps you add regularly purchased items quickly & efficiently. Just wish list could sync with another device using same app.

Farhan · 4/9/2015

Good and to the point, but where's its desktop app? Do i have to manage all my grocery all by phone only... OMG

David · 4/7/2015

It is ok. I like the simplicity of entering items. Be nice to be able to share list though.


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