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Stewart · 7/19/2015

I compared a number of scanners using my Lumia 1020. It has one of the best cameras in the industry. For some reason this app's scanner cannot readily focus and lock on to UPC bar codes. Often it could not even lock onto and scan the bar code. It did not mater if I steadied my phone more or increased the distance to the UPC in order to make sure it was in focusing range. The other apps I tested did not have this problem, or they rarely failed to lock onto a bar code. The developer may want to examine why it performs so poorly on a phone other than the ones he or she originally tested it on.

Laura · 7/6/2015

The concept for this app is great and useful, but I found that nothing scanned ever was found anywhere unless it was electronics or a few books. If apparel/clothes are what you tend to scan to compare prices or find your size at another shop; this app WILL NOT work for you.

cody · 8/28/2015

Excellent, lets me know where the savings are. Love it!!!

Francis · 7/31/2015

Just getting used to it.

Kaha · 6/13/2015

Not even 1 star! Can't find anything I scan... I've try many different scan, from gummy bears to garden soil! Useless app!

Sean · 7/27/2015

Useless unless you carry a tripod with you at all times. Says "Hold Still" and won't scan. I'm human, should I stop my pulse? Some people are challenged to not shake...ADA?

Benjamin · 7/17/2015

This sucks, every item I scan, it says it cannot find it

User · 7/12/2015

Great app

Jeremy · 4/27/2015

When it worked, which was about a year ago, it was a must-use pricing app. However for quite some time its been utterly broken and the developer has shown no internet in fixing it. A pity.

Jeremy · 4/15/2015

I give it 1 star for finding the item but I also give it a star for not finding the price for my local stores. Update fix the issue soon or I will uninstall soon. Its a hit n miss app


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