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Kevin · 6/26/2015

BEST app on my WP !!!... ( Still love this app, BUT, I forgot my password and username and can't get back into my music, what can I do now ?)

David · 1/4/2015

Great app. Caches transcoded songs with ease, and fully searchable. The one big thing it's missing is last fm scrobbling. Please add that and this is a 5 star app. Also it would be cool to have background pics of the artist while playing. Would be great if it could download transcoded files to the music player with path and file name based on id3 tag.

User · 8/13/2013

Why is it that both of Windows Phone Subsonic apps suck? Besides being confusing to use when switching between what is downloading versus what is playing, there is no way to seek through a song. It just plays them from the start. Why would you create a music player (especially one that doesn't keep track of your location in a track when it closes) without an option to fast-forward or rewind through tracks? Very poorly thought-out app, with even worse execution.

Nikita · 3/17/2013

Google play cashe problem: once I go Browse-Artist-Album and choose Download for trial 4 songs, app is closing and never open again (until reinstall). Streaming playback is fine.

Elise · 1/30/2013

Absolutely awesome :-) I love the UI & I haven't got the same resolution problem with my album art on this app. It shows up clean. Everything works. I have one very, very small complaint that numbers show up before song titles on my Playlists which I've never seen before on any other Google music players. Besides that complaint that I can live with, my only real complaint is that my Playlists are all scrambled around out of order. Once that's fixed I'll give a 5-star rating. I would recommend this app for Google music & SubSonic users My overall trial experience - A & purchasing this week

James · 1/15/2013

Great app for subsonic. No option for "all random songs" or least I'm not smart enough to figure it out. Would give it 5 stars if this feature was available.

James · 1/13/2013

I will rate 4 stars because it works but was NOT easy to set up..like at all, I'm a convert from Audiogalaxy which is legions easier and better, nevertheless I'm stoked I got it working and that's worth 4*

Jacob · 12/15/2012

Works great! Can't wait for more options (like appearance settings or support for the new large tiles of wp8). Trial seems to work fine for what I need but I bought just to show my support!

John · 11/29/2012

I love, love, love this app!! Its music player integrates beautifully into the phone, using a Subsonic collection. Worth every penny, and then some!

Marland · 11/28/2012

Works great on Windows Phone 8. Bought it simply because the other application I tried did not work. Hope this app gets upgrades and enhancements in the future, but glad I can keep this one installed to use. Cheaper and more functional than the alternative. Can't lose.


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