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v4.6 -Fixed bug where old tile images weren't getting cleaned up properly, now app won't use as much space on your phone -Updated FAQ/Help page -Other bug fixes and performance improvements v4.5 -Tiles now default to use transparent background -Performance improvements -Bug fixes v4.4 -Added Wayne and Lloyd premium wide tiles -Added option to show last updated time for all wide tiles -Bug fixes v4.3 -Tile update bug fixes v4.2 -Tiles now support start screen background images -Fixed medium Frodo tile to show appointments in white when tile background color matches account color -Other small bug fixes v4.1 -Added Lex and Brooks premium wide tiles -Add option to show week number on Frodo tile -Fixed Frodo tile to show appointments in white when tile background color matches account color v4.0 -Add ability to edit/delete appointments -You can now show/hide certain calendars per account (ex: hide US Holiday calendar) -You can now see private appointment details -App settings now automatically get backed up and restored when you reinstall the app

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Gilbert · 7/21/2015

It allows me to make entries and reminds me of them.

Trish · 7/16/2015

I realm like this app. The only complaint I would have would be that occasionally, if I cancel an appointment or task, it sometimes still shows up later on my lock screen as a reminder. Other than that, its great!!

Robin · 7/13/2015

If you want a simple, easy way to set appointments and events with reminders sent to your email and mobile device, this one is the best.

Jeffrey · 7/12/2015

Simple Calendar is what a smartphone calendar should be right out of the box. Since its not, brilliant app coders got to work and made our calendar simple and intuitive. Now lets hope WP8.1 gives Simple Calendar more access to tge core code. There's no telling where these bright minds will take the calendar to. Now we need 'Simple Contacts' to improve the contacts features. I'd like to see Color Coded categories in both the Contact list and in the Calendar appearance.

Ace · 7/21/2015
Unreadably small!

The dates in the (medium) live tile are u.n.r.e.a.d.a.b.l.e. There's space enough so why is the font-size set to friggin 'molecule'? You expect me to read my phone with the Hubble telescope to zoom in on the details? Speaking of which ... in a c.a.l.e.n.d.a.r, the dates are NOT supposed to be a 'detail' ... It's the friggin ONLY part one needs a calendar for! So make it readable!!

Mary · 7/10/2015

Great app! Easy to use and quick!

John · 7/17/2015

Use it all the time. Easy to use.

Peter · 7/9/2015

Works great and is easy to read

Noemi · 6/23/2015

Really easy & simple. Love the additional detail options to use for reminders, time, location, notes, etc. I can now edit directly in this calendar without having to use phone's default calendar!

Chris · 7/14/2015

Love the lock screen!