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Todd · 7/6/2015

Best sky map app on Windows Phone. Would love to see visible satellites (ISS, etc.) added, a la "Space Junk" on Android. Thanks for a great app.

Frank · 7/23/2015

I am so glad I bought this app for windows phone 7, and now with 7.5/mango and Now after version 2.0 the app is Awesome. A must buy. [Update] I really Love this App and I really hope it can make it to Windows 8 for Tablets. The App Keeps Getting better. Great work keep up the Awesome work. [Update 2] Would be Awesome if you added satellites to the App. [Update3] We need this app to be a universal app.

The · 6/8/2015

My specific phone is not capable of utilizing the left /right tracking feature but does allow the vertical (or up/down) feature. However that is only because of my phone. It is relatively simple to use and has great features besides the tracking. You can dim out the amount of stars in the virtual sky so as to match what you see for your location based on ambient light such as city light interference or places with little light interference like mountainous areas or the like. You can also have the artist overlay for the constellations or disable it. It has helped me find several planets so I could set my telescope to it. If your phone is limited like mine just know the general direction you want to view a star at and drag left or right to that area. Now move your phone up and down until the "sight or bulls eye dot" is in line with what you want. You can then touch the object on screen to get information about that star or planet. It's a real nice app. You won't be disappointed.

West · 4/13/2015

Crashes on load.

Eric · 3/2/2015

Dead in 8.1. After launch, you allow it to use your location and it immediately crashes and exits. Obviously needs an update.

Henderson · 9/27/2014

Took my payment and recived a SkyMap icon. But it don't work. Thank you for a non working app.

User · 4/10/2014

I expected this app to track where you look and have a detailed map. Its a passable map with an inelegant UI. Just poor user experience compared to others

saburi · 3/13/2014

Star chart makes this look like a joke.

User · 4/23/2013

Can't get compass to calibrate so direction changes when I rotate.

Majeffstic · 10/21/2011

Point to sky always has me facing south no matter what. Tried re calibrating multiple times.


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Added star distance information and ecliptic.