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Chas · 6/29/2014
Responsive but quirky

Unlike many desktop computer star chart programs, this one is simple with fluid fast response even on my aging laptop. However, when using a mouse to navigate, the map motion loses alignment with the mouse when the time is shifted away from the present. It would be a major plus to show the ecliptic as well.

Mike · 10/8/2013
Great app, but...

My latitude and longitude are correct, but when I face East the app displays South. When I face South it displays East. Would really like to give it a 5 star but this is annoying.

Gary · 6/2/2013
Ra / Dec

No number designations for TIME / Degrees in RA & DEC. App would have more usefulness if these data were included.

Nicholas · 4/7/2013

Just as magnificent, fun and informative as on Windows Phone....but easier and bigger....and especially great on a Windows 8 tablet!

Steven · 1/30/2013

Enjoyable and easy to use

Reviewer 7143 · 5/30/2015

SkyMap is OK, but the version on iPad includes satellites, which I think increases the value substantially over this version of SkyMap

Reviewer 3999 · 6/9/2015
Cool Program

Any way to show the ecliptic plane?

Chris · 7/18/2015
My favorite Star Map

My favorite Star Map for Win8 or Win Phone

Scott · 3/14/2015
Needs Work

Horizon line doesn't change after time change. Navigation controls can become completely broken after setting a new date/time.

Reviewer 3708 · 5/23/2015

nice :)



  • can use the current time and location but you can also customize them
  • interactive zoom
  • night mode
  • touch screen support
  • realistic Milky Way image and horizon
  • stars twinkle
  • constellations with beautiful Johannes Hevelius’s artwork
  • constellations, stars, deep space objects, planets, sun and moon information
  • fast loading and initialization
  • point to sky mode
  • improved sky map graphics: planet images, star colors, diffraction spikes, etc
  • sky object information (wikipedia integration)
  • alt/az grid
  • additional customizations (show/hide map layers: planets, stars, messier objects, etc)
  • settings persistance

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settings persistence and application bar support

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