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Art · 9/8/2014

Does not let me sign in.. Will change review once the issue is fixed.

Eric · 10/21/2013

It is not very good in my trial. For one thing it Stutters and I have A1 bandwidth. May work for you so I recommend doing the trial before purchasing.

kenneth · 12/16/2012

Little heavy on permissions, view my gender, contacts, documents...

Russell · 7/24/2014

The only feature I'd like to see is another preloading, even if it's just one song. Otherwise this app is perfect and exactly what I was looking for!

Peter · 6/30/2014

Excellent app to make use of your SkyDrive storage. Seems pretty flawless to me after using it for an hour or two.

John · 5/4/2014

Constantly stops playing and skips in the middle of songs. Can't make it through a single album.

Richard · 3/12/2014

Great idea, but needs to be updated with bug fixes. I've meticulously arranged my SkyDrive folder to match the app's requirements, but it only occasionally show album art and it usually crashes midway when indexing my music collection (about 80GB). I've uninstalled it. Maybe it would work better on smaller collections. "Cloud Music" app is also a bit flaky, but more stable.

Conor · 3/11/2014

Best Cloud Music app for Windows Phone! Been using this app for nearly two years now and its still working great.

Kenny · 1/23/2014

My player stutters a lot. It didn't originally. I would have thought it was due to a iffy connection, but even when I'm home on my WiFi it still happens. It takes away from the music experience as I'm here enjoying music and it cuts out. Its mostly for a second or 2, but there are occasions where it won't start back up. .

Michael · 8/10/2013

Decent app overall. Two problems: (1) requires folders on SkyDrive to be organized in a very specific way (Music\<artist>\<album>\...), which is pretty annoying. If every app tied to SkyDrive impose its own folder hierarchy, SkyDrive would be quite a mess. (2) can't skip forward/backward within song.


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