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Juan Carlos · 8/22/2015

Useful and functional 2/5/15 - I don't know if it's just me or did the most recent update brake the app? It hangs loads slowly now. 8/22/15 - I get notifications but when I tap the toast to open the app to read the message it does not load.

Raghav · 8/9/2015

Great.... Skype for Business is just awesome ... Please give option to use different font for typing and i dont see display pictures thumbnails...

Brian · 8/12/2015

It works now on my 830 so that's a start. Still a bit slow to load. Sometimes conversations with the same person get messed up. It's on the way!

Chris · 7/21/2015

Needs work. Generally the app is ok, but don't expect to click on a notification and expect it to show you the message you were sent. If you do that, the app will open and seemingly load the message until the end of time and it will be lost. The message will also not be viewable on the desktop client (as I'm assuming it mistakenly thinks you've viewed it already on the mobile app).

Sathish · 7/15/2015
Not working as expected

Too slow, doesn't join conference call and heats up the device. Unreliable while on the roads. Need it to be more efficient and reliable for daily usage.

Nektarios · 7/9/2015

Agree with other reviews. Clicking a notification doesn't take me to the conversation. Also, the Skype icon is consisting since it looks like the other Skype

Bruno · 7/8/2015

Finally! Awesome update. App os faster than ever, stable, delivering messages correctly. What could be improved/added: 1) Read + deliver status (just as WhatsApp) 2) Font size could be bigger/customizable 3) allow file transfer (attachment, camera, photo, contact, etc)

Leigh · 7/14/2015

First of all, why offer an inferior version on the Windows platform when you have loads more features on an Apple product?!? Could it hurt to at least allow calendar integration? I hope "Skype for Business" at least resolves the constant logoffs, missed toast notifications, and horribly slow performance... Come on Microsoft, what gives??? Way to leave your mobile out to dry!

Paul · 7/8/2015

Would like to see the ability to link a personal account to business. It would allow the ability to have one Skype app installed.

Brian · 6/19/2015

If I want to check someone's status and dint mind reloading the app 2 or 3 times to do so... IT works, if I want to start a chat and don't mind reloading the app 2 or 3 times to open, great. But if someone I trying to get a hold of you, forget it. Crashes and take so long to load from toast notifications its useless. Its faster to drive back to my office and use Lync on my desktop.


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