• Pay only for the minutes you use and avoid those expensive all-day internet passes.
  • No matter what hotspot you’re connected to, pay using your Skype Credit so you never have to fill out another complicated sign up form.
  • And so there’s no unexpected surprises, Skype WiFi will automatically disconnect after 30 minutes in case you forget to disconnect.

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What's new? • Improved performance and fixes

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Jonathan · 4/7/2015

it is amasing but it says stuff and won't let me go back on

Anubhav · 9/11/2014

A little good for use

kishore · 8/27/2014

world wide excellent system Skype .world wide people use Skype Wi-Fi. one day Skype was not connect people was mentally suffer. esteemed organization in the world Skype Wi-fi

John · 1/10/2014
I like skype

love Skype but it seems like it was easier to sign up before..

Reviewer 0348 · 4/18/2015
Doesn't work

Skype never gives me an option to login, yet it persistently tries to login with some unknown previous settings (even after a fresh install on a brand new Microsoft surface pro 3). The automatic login fails with the message "please try a different login". Umm, how about giving me a login screen so I can do that? Thanks!

Reviewer 0450 · 7/25/2015
circles the drain

not working 1.5 hours and counting. Fails to launch. What big green connect button. You LEFT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael · 11/14/2014
A way to pay for WiFi at public hot spots

It's not at all clear what this app does, either by it's name, or by the description presented when you start it up, visit the Windows Store, or visit the Skype website. This app is NOT for making Skype calls. It is for paying for public WiFi usage with Skype credit. It should not be so confusingly named, and the description needs to dispense with the usual Microsoft mumbo-jumbo and clearly state the app's purpose in simple, clear words.

J · 9/18/2014
This app sucks = always signing out to update

And then, won't update. Who wants their stinking social media apps that don't work. Hey, folks, just give me plain old phone conversations --- and don't drop the connection.

Ignacia · 9/7/2014
wish I could rate 0 stars

The old Skype was glitchy as heck. Calls were always being dropped, audio/video was usually off, and even the text had delays or just wouldn't work a lot of the time. After taking a few months away from using this useless app, I tried to run it again...only to find that I HAD to install the latest version in order to use it at all. So, I played along and tried to install it. Aaaaand now it's saying I can't use it until I install the new version, but yet it won't let me re-install the new version because it says I already installed it. So now I don't even have the option of using the bugged-out app; I just flat-out cannot use it at all. This is super neat, since all of my loved ones are thousands of miles away from where my son and I currently live.

Johan · 9/4/2014
Metro version not good at all, desktop is great

The Metro version is pretty much unusable to me. It forces you to have the same account as the logged in user to windows which I don't have and I know many that doesn't have it either. There is also no desktop sharing either. Makes it unusable for lots of my scenarios for using Skype. Downloaded the desktop version instead. Running on a Surface Pro 3 so it would be nice to have better touch experience, but at least the desktop version works well with mouse.

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