• Make group video calls for free.
  • Make audio calls for free.
  • Send a video message to share a quick thought or a candid moment.
  • Continue the chat you’ve started – after you ended the call, keep going with instant messaging.
  • Snap your chat to one side and free up the other for whatever needs doing.
  • Pick up calls from your lock screen or Start screen.

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Reviewer 8025 · 7/26/2015
Disappointed. You should know better!

I'm not going to lie; this update very much disappointed me. There was so much to love about the actual App which makes me sad to see it go. The design of this App was so good! Clean lines, no ads while chatting, nice color scheme and a format that was tasteful and easy to work around. This "new version" is exactly the opposite. The first thing that caught my eye were the ads next to the chat screen. Microsoft, you are a very large company! If you /have/ to have ads, at least make them able to prove their point without sitting on the side of the screen and lagging. The room for the ads makes the screen asymmetrical and an eyesore, as is the font. What's with this "Upgrading for Efficiency" deal anyway? It was perfectly fine! I used Skype every night because it was that easy to work with. If anything, the update is /less/ efficient, as many reviews have already stated! All in all, a huge disappointment. Please listen to your customers and keep this app running. Thank you.

Reviewer 6330 · 7/26/2015
Somebody must have though...who needs an App?

The App is fine. Sorry, basically, it WAS fine until some brain decided to move everybody to the desktop version. The desktop version lost all my contacts, it is cumbersome to use, it is always on, it is like a thowback to the days before...well, before APPS!!! Please give this APP some new life and stop looking to the seventies, this is 2015... thanks!

Jaime · 7/26/2015

I use Skype to communicate with my friends. It's a great way to hang out with friends over the internet... when it works. The desktop version is okay, missing features but satisfactory; however, the mobile version is frustrating! Messaging is the worst. It takes a long time to refresh the chat, even when open. The load times between screens, to manually refresh, is laggy and makes me click twice, leading me to the incorrect menu. Not to mention fifty-fifty notifications. Sometimes it notifies you, sometimes it doesn't. This is especially infuriating when it's my girlfriends messages I don't receive. I even manually refresh and sometimes that doesn't work. Then I go on the desktop version and find multiple messages from hours ago. Microsoft program on a Microsoft device and it's this bad? I'd rate this 0/5 if I could.

Shawn · 7/23/2015
Not great. Could be great Microsoft!

Reinstall to get notifications to work. Still the worst version of Skype. Its to easy to call someone on accident. Confirm before dialing is a must.

Terrawin · 7/22/2015
You fucked it up.

Thanks for removing the modern app on desktop systems, I actually liked using it better. Less memory usage and more convenient. Just shows how much you care about us. Reminds me of when you took Windows Live Messenger from us.

Reviewer 1633 · 7/20/2015
Quit this app and I quit you.

This app was the perfect way for me to chat with my friends while surfing the internet, now instead of glancing to the side of my screen, I have to pause everything I'm doing just to bring up a window. No, I won't accept this, and neither will many other people. If you want to update the desktop version, that's fine, go right ahead. Just don't force us into it! What on earth happened to variety?!? Give us our app back!

Dani · 7/19/2015

Has improved much over the last few months. Frequent updates have been consistently ironing out the bugs and improving performance. Still needs group calls and improving the UI. Performance still needs work. Increasing my wore now from 1 star to 3. Well done Skype team for finally finally making the app competitive on you native platform.

Reviewer 1382 · 7/20/2015
Why force the switch?

The actual app for windows 8 was "smooth." The interface was clean. Everything had it's place and there was no problem with group calls or screen-sharing, which is the reasoning behind the force on the download page. The desktop version slows computer start-up and is just less seamless. Please just "update" again and allow us to use the app version

Reviewer 0324 · 7/18/2015

On Surface Pro 3 Do not remove this app in favor of the desktop version. On a mobile device, the app functions and looks far nicer than the desktop version. Microsoft, your heart is in the right place with the concept of one OS, one direction, but you're really missing the point with mobile apps and their purpose. The environment is just plain different, and you're going to have to learn to make exceptions. Please take user experience in mind when designing/planning things. Great tablet, can't have apps. Great pen, no app or program available that it shines in - OH BUT YOU CAN USE ONE NOTE and scribble notes a little and switch between markers and highlighters (when it doesn't crash) because THAT'S WHAT I WANT WHEN I HAVE A FULLY FUNCTIONING KEYBOARD. This tablet is amazing, but I can't rely on Microsoft to do anything to make it, or my experience with it, any better. You frustrate me to no end - one step forward, two steps back. Please. Stop being dumb. Keep the app. Ugh.

Simon Thyregod · 7/18/2015
Good, but annoying on many devices

I have four devices using skype, laptop, desktop, phone, and tablet. When I get a call the phone starts vibrating on the table followed by a buzzing sound from the computer and shortly after a LOUD tone from the HI-FI which my tablet is coupled to. If there were some way of avoiding this stressful event except logging out on all but one device, it would be great (for example, if computer is online, nothing else will call, or setting a device to only receive notifications not calls)

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