• Make group video calls for free.
  • Make audio calls for free.
  • Send a video message to share a quick thought or a candid moment.
  • Continue the chat you’ve started – after you ended the call, keep going with instant messaging.
  • Snap your chat to one side and free up the other for whatever needs doing.
  • Pick up calls from your lock screen or Start screen.

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Xinwx · 8/3/2015
Useless on Win10

Prompt to download the desktop version. Desktop version constantly nags "Would you likecalls and Skype links to always open with Skype for Windows desktop? If so, click Yes and on the following screen Select All and Save." No matter what option you pick, check "Do not ask me again" or not, it always asks this when Skype loads. Useless app, annoying Desktop version. This didn't happen in Windows 7.

Tiffany · 8/1/2015
Keep the app version

the app version is clean cut and easy to use. it also runs more efficiently than the desktop version. please set up this application for windows 10!

Ed · 8/2/2015
Why, MS, why?

The MS 8.1 Skype app was great and easy to use. But on Windows 10, no Skype app is available. This app merely prompts you to download the Skype for Desktop app, which is terrible to use with a touchscreen or on a tablet. And now the Skype for Desktop app comes complete with highly annoying and terribly intrusive ads. Seriously, MS, your app developers leave a lot to be desired for this opening night experience of Windows 10 apps. If I could give the "Get Skype" app less than one star, I certainly would. This is a terrible insult to users of the Windows 8.1 Skype app: -5 Stars!

Damion · 8/3/2015

By far the best multi use communication app in existence. Has been the leader in video calls, now with the chat and picture share functions...i prefer Skype any day over WhatsApp. Modern UI, reliable connection internationally... Oh, plus you have to luv the animated emojis!

MD · 8/2/2015
Not Bad

We know Skype is a very good app for talking fee or making VIDEO CALL. But its File transfer speed is very slow and the SKYPE windows 8 app cant transfer Files... else this everything is great..

Robert · 8/2/2015
Please bring back the app.

I'm not sure Why a company like Microsoft would remove the more advanced version of one of their mainstays, especially a product meant to compete with Apple's "Face Time" but to remove the modern, sleek, touch enabled version of their app at a time that they've heralded as the biggest mass update and online distribution of all time is beyond me. Why have you removed such a user friendly and modern app from your store? Why have you only allowed the download of the desktop app, an app which seems to display all text in a pixelated, lower resolution form than the rest of my system (I mean, really...)? At least update the desktop version to allow for higher resolution screens (I have a spectre360 QHD but I've even tried lowering the resolution to HD to no avail).

Emmanuel · 7/30/2015

ARE YOU SERIOUS? (JUST LIKE THE OTHER MSN APPS) Why would you discontinue this app! I mean don't hide behind excuses such as "for a better Skype experience" and just admit that you are all BORED to take care of an app. Look this was a pretty useful app as it meant to be used by touch screens and now with the desktop app, that part goes away and the touch gestures become more inaccurate. Just a stupid stupid stupid decision. MAKE UP YOUR MIND MICROSOFT! MAKE UP YOUR MIND

Reviewer 8013 · 7/31/2015
won't run, says update, no update available

Computer runs on Windows 8. Skype used to work. Today (July 31st, 2015) "oops, there's a problem because you're using an old version, click here to update". Clicking takes me to the Windows Store, choosing update Skype: "no updates available". Tried deleting the app and reinstalling, same message.

andre · 7/30/2015

I gave it to stars because I'm having trouble with viewing the person that I am video chatting with... It's like the screen is automatically zoomed in, and there is no way for me to get the screen back to its normal size.... Mind you that my girlfriend has an android and she see my with no problem... I'd you can please help me to resolve this issue.. Thanks

Reviewer 8025 · 7/26/2015
Disappointed. You should know better!

I'm not going to lie; this update very much disappointed me. There was so much to love about the actual App which makes me sad to see it go. The design of this App was so good! Clean lines, no ads while chatting, nice color scheme and a format that was tasteful and easy to work around. This "new version" is exactly the opposite. The first thing that caught my eye were the ads next to the chat screen. Microsoft, you are a very large company! If you /have/ to have ads, at least make them able to prove their point without sitting on the side of the screen and lagging. The room for the ads makes the screen asymmetrical and an eyesore, as is the font. What's with this "Upgrading for Efficiency" deal anyway? It was perfectly fine! I used Skype every night because it was that easy to work with. If anything, the update is /less/ efficient, as many reviews have already stated! All in all, a huge disappointment. Please listen to your customers and keep this app running. Thank you.

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