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  • Available in more than 20 languages
  • Skyscanner is 100% independent and shows ALL airlines including low-cost carriers and scheduled airlines
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Reviewer 8907 · 6/12/2015
Great for checking flight deals

This app makes checking flight prices daily easy and convenient as it can remember your searches and store them. I would have rated the app a 5 stars if it automatically updated with my flight info and showed the daily low rates in the live tile.

Glade · 3/3/2015
not good information

I would go to the airlines and it was different information than Skyscanner.

Wayne · 6/20/2014
Be careful, unforeseen charges with you reserve

This app is great to find flights, DO NOT book through it. I ended up booking through a company called BravoFly, they charge you for the calls to change or modify your reservation, changes are charged for, cancellations even within 24hr are only partial. Not open, upfront and honest... this has left a bad taste, will definitely remove this app and not use again.

Darrel · 2/1/2014
Questionable at best

Doesn't list three of the airlines for my local airport, including United, prices are completely inaccurate, and hasn't been updated in quite a while. Don't even bother.

ahmed · 1/18/2014
bad warning

it was very bad from your organization to mention warning for the users to travel to Egypt we are many people were using this program and we stopped using this application because of this warning , we are Egyptian and we are traveling 12 time to Egypt per year and every thing in Egypt is safe , if you want to put this warning put it for other country not safe , kindly remove this warning to reuse this application again. thanks

Reviewer 3884 · 9/6/2013

cant get it to connect to an active internet connection yet I have internet

Rohit · 5/13/2015
Excellent experience

Excellent experience. I have used it for last two years to shop flights to India, and I could not beat the prices this app found.

Irma · 4/15/2015
great app

This is a great app. I use it all the time and it is easy and always quick . Thank you

Mike · 4/18/2015
Very good

It shows prices that are often cheaper than Kayak and the interface is nicer. About the only thing missing is the ability to search for cheaper prices a few days on either side of your selected date; hence 4 instead of 5 stars. Recommended

Joe · 2/12/2015
Use to be great but now inconsistant

I've used this for trip planning and to purchase many flights. Great overall app. at one time. It had problems not working. Says that I need an internet connection even though I have a good internet connection. Tried to reinstall several times with the same results, finally working again. Another problem is the search price rarely ever matches the real-time prices anymore. Been trying to find some specific flights and there is a 60.00 difference in ticket prices Maybe if they can fix the bugs it could be great again. I give it 2 stars because it did great at one time. If I was a first time user without the past good results I would give it 1 star.

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