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• Verizon subscriber’s can set their favorite music as Ringback Tones for their family and friends* • Various bug fixes and performance improvements *Requires subscription to Slacker Radio Tones

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Frank · 7/28/2015

Much better!!! After suffering through earlier versions of this app, Slacker has updated it and made it functional and aesthetically pleasing. I noticed the last review was from last year. I think a lot of people had given up on it. Hopefully people rediscover the Slacker app.

Colby · 6/11/2015

Impressive transformation from a formerly wretched app to an almost always reliable one. Still a wee bit glitchy with a bug here and there, but with a good connection it plays solidly and for extended periods of time, and the audio quality is perfectly acceptable. I have always appreciated Slacker's approach to internet radio and its curated model; I'm just glad I can finally enjoy it on my Windows Phone device.

Jarad · 5/30/2015

Horrible app for Windows phone... Great internet radio. This app would constantly crash on my Windows phone 8.1 (Lumia 925) on my Android tablet and PC it was great... Im not getting a new phone to run slacker! I tried Spotify and it is amazing never freezes or shuts down on its own. I changed my membership from slacker to Spotify because of this.... If you listen on your WP8 skip slacker and get Spotify!

Jacob · 6/4/2015

I'm very pleased with this version of Slacker. It works quite well! Way to go guys! Keep up the great work!

Jeremy · 6/11/2015

Will rate higher when u fix the freezing and closing problem that started since the last update. When u go to change songs or artist's it closes the app then repeats til u restart ur phone

Teddy · 5/1/2015

Best radio app in the store, and they keep it updated. Slacker, thanks for the Windows love!

Michael · 5/6/2015

This app sucks. When will developers learn. I cant even log in, says I cant connect but I can for Pandora. Loved it before, worst radio app in the app store now.

adonis · 7/8/2015

Problems with this one is not the best way for me to get my message across.

Matt · 5/6/2015

Switched from Rhapsody because there app was so bad on WP8. This one is fine other than crashing and failing to connect. Have to restart my phone almost on a daily basis to get app to work. It mostly happens when I get in my vehicle and it Bluetooth's to my dash radio or when I leave my vehicle. It seems to not be an issue with Bluetooth as much as switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice versa.

Dean · 5/6/2015

Love slacker, but lately (especially latest update), the bread and butter for me - station caching is completely broken. Can't even access the app when in airplane mode, much less play a previously downloaded station. Not sure what type of testing the team implores for WP