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RJ · 8/20/2015
Need To Update Interface

I have been a paid subscriber to Slacker Radio for 5 years and even though this is a great app, The interface is like 2 years old. There have been two revamps of the interface since this was the current design. I thought that maybe Slacker would have released an update for Windows 10, however this looks straight out of Windows 8.1 . Please update the UI of the app.

Mike · 8/6/2015
Station tiles do not work in Win 10

The pin to start feature for a station creates a tile, but the tile only takes you to the home screen of the app. You then have to navigate to the station and click play - same as if you just used the app tile. Worked in all the Win 10 preview versions but broke in the release.

Neil · 8/5/2015
Rough on windows 10

Great app have been listening to slacker for some time now but it craps out after two to three songs and has to be restarted on windows 10 which has made me start using my browser again to listen to slacker. I hope an update comes out to make it more stable on windows 10 :-)

Richard · 8/27/2015
I love this app

Easy to use. And it knows what I want to hear!!

Rob · 8/2/2015
Wow, Nice 8.1 Design...Too Bad This is Windows 10

Uh...Slacker? You need to update this app. Seriously, it's an embarrassment. I've been a user since the very beginning and the app works great as does the service, but this app is well out of current design, clearly with tablets in mind. News flash, I'm on a laptop right now, which is not a tablet. Really, really, really need to update.

Dora · 8/9/2015
Great Music

I like that I can play smooth jazz from different radio stations. I don't like it when it's buffering in the middle of a song.

Jonathon · 8/15/2015
this app could be way better

it is nearly impossible to convince this app to let you login, or to even find where to login which sucks when you pay for a premium membership. I love slacker, but this is the worst of your apps ( Android, and iOS versions are excellent) PLEASE FIX. I love slacker and windows 10 and they need to work better together. While we are at it, add an xbox one app too PLEASE! you have a 360 app, would be SO appreciated since cant use slacker in xbox internet explorer either due to no flash capabilities.

Reviewer 9308 · 7/3/2015
Slacker radio

I absolutely love this app I have been using it ever since my dad got a Blue-Ray player, I saw the app on their he didn't know what is was at first but then I decided to look it up on my iPod what slacker radio was like, I downloaded the app, created an account and ever since I have enjoyed todays latest hits rock songs, etc. I really wish you guys over at Microsoft Co. would update this application because I would love to use it and I also love being up to date, and thanks for finlly bringing this app to the Microsoft app store.

Victor · 6/30/2015
the best music app

such a wonderful app with a great variety of music....

Cliff · 8/17/2015
Slacker is the first choice for me.

Great selection of artists, songs and layout. Love it.



  • Install and listen for free with no monthly listening limits
  • Heart and Ban tracks to quickly and easily personalize your experience
  • Hundreds of expert-programmed stations
  • Create custom stations with your favorite artists and songs
  • Commercial-free experience with unlimited song skips*
  • Play songs, albums and artists on demand**
  • ***Sign in or create a new account using the Settings menu on the charm bar***
  • Pin and access stations from the Windows home screen
  • Share your favorite stations with friends via the Share charm
  • Only in the United States, U.S. Territories, and Canada

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This build includes numerous UI improvements and performance enhancements. This also addresses an issue with snap views introduced in the previous version.

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