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Shreyas · 6/5/2015

Very exciting app. Can be used during meditation, resting, Yogasanas and viewing TV programmes and check the status of mind.

Ray · 5/24/2015

I really enjoy what this app is able to do for me. It's easy to use and keeps track of my sleep.

User · 3/9/2015

Tracks sleep but doesn't wake you up

Nayelli · 11/18/2014

I'm still confused on how the graphing weeks ave what the actual tracker tracks.

Alexis · 3/15/2014

Decent, could be more sensitive , unless I'm a rock in my sleep

Luke · 4/15/2015

Did not track sleep at all. Seems to have stopped spontaneously at some point during the night. Alarm did not go off.

Konrad · 6/8/2015

Add safety warning. Phone can catch fire while using this app. Watch out.

User · 3/28/2015

Overall I have had great experience using this app each night. One drawback I feel exists is the lack of interaction with it. I would like to tap on my nightly chart and examine the data it provides. I would also like to objectify the data in some way but that does not seem possible. I find I do not use the sounds or alarm through the app, I use my phone alarm instead. Overall wonderful!

Istvan · 3/17/2015

It eas working for two days, last night the alarm went of 2 hours earlier, couldnt even reset it, because every time I strated the sleep tracking the alarm went off in few seconds

Ivy · 3/7/2015

My friend has a sleep tracker on her iPhone, and I bought this app thinking it would work similarly, but it really doesn't. This app only tracks your movement while activated, which isn't enough information to tell you how well you slept, or how deeply you were sleeping. Also, the app stops working if you lock your phone, but the phone won't go into sleep mode while the app is running, so I had to deal with a bright screen next to my head all night.