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The SlingPlayer app now supports the Slingbox M2 (requires Windows Phone 8+)

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Ron · 10/26/2014

Needs a power on button to turn on source device or if it has it needs to be better marked.

Rick · 9/7/2014

Works but what sucks is there is no way to run this app in background and just listen to audio, what's up with that?

James · 6/26/2014

Windows phone version not as good as iPad/iphone version. I dislike apple phones too, so it pains me to say that. Every selection you make causes the win phone version to re-buffer. Guide button doesn't bring up a local phone copy of the guide so scrolling through the remote guide rebuffers at every scroll, painful to find shows. Once watching a show it is stable with no problems, good picture and sound.

Bill · 1/15/2014

Fine when it works, but very frustrating when it just stops working for days until they fix it. Worked for a month on my Lumia 1520. Not working this morning despite rebooting, reinstalling. Watching on my tablet instead thru the browser.

User · 9/2/2013

Streaming works great, but there is one big issue... Unlike other mobile versions, the windows phone slingbox app doesn't have a built in guide. You have to use the guide on your set-top box. Its horribly slow. It takes 5-10 seconds to rebuffer everytime you click a button (like the down arrow). I feel like I wasted my money because it takes 20 minutes just to scroll to the show I want to watch...

james · 7/26/2015

Excellent app Works great with Nokia 635

Jack · 5/1/2015

It works.... But is pretty terrible compared to Android.... Please make it on par. Especially if you charge just as much for it....

Karina · 10/1/2014

The app stopped working on my Nokia Lumia 1020. Doesn't allow me to login anymore. The iOS version of the app does work fine, so its clear is an issue of the WP app. I'm terribly disappointed given the fact that I switched from a Slingbox competitor (Vulkano Streammer): I got rid of it and decided to purchase Slingbox just to be able to connect from my Windows Phone given the existing app. Broken promises. I hope Slingbox team fix this app, if so I will be more than glad to come back and rate back the app to a more positive light.

STEVEN · 9/28/2014

What am I missing? I was watching the Ryder Cup from my M1 on my 920 within a few minutes of installing. Great app....great picture quality....brain required.

Claude · 8/25/2014

The app works as advertised. It connects to my Slingbox Pro without issues, however the interface is ancient. They have not updated the app in almost a year. They are missing basic things that have been on Android and iOS for quite some time (auto bandwidth detection, remembering the quality you select, support for HD picture, etc.). One year later, Sling still does the bare minimum for WP users. They just updated the app to allow use of the M1, nothing more. This app is still worth the $$, however it lags behind its counterparts in iOS and Android.