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wayne · 8/15/2015
Progressively downhill

I have had several generations of Slingboxes and used their players from PCs, Windows phone and tablets to Android devices. Suffice to say, each generation of SlingPlayer got less and less stable. This Windows 8 app often gave a blank screen. The few times it actually worked, it can only do Standard Quality, and buffers on HD. Running on the same Dell tablet in Chrome, it behaves much better with chances of being able to view about 80%. It works really well on IE10. However, I upgraded to Win10 and it no longer comes with IE. SlingPlayer does not work with MS Edge. You have to deal with the ads. Sometimes the adservers are slow, and seems to screw up the viewing box/connection. The paid Android App seems to be the most stable. The old Windows CE 5, 6 on the old windows phones also worked reliably. Like I said, their software quality is progressively getting worse. Updte: I did find IE10 hidden in Windows 10 so am using IE to watch my sling solos, not using the win app.

Claude · 8/7/2015
A good app with a few bugs.

It works well with my Surface RT. The app does have a few bugs... It will not automatically resume with the same settings you left off with. So if I set it up with HD quality and 16:9, and close the app, it will default back to SD and auto aspect ratio. I would prefer to have the option to go directly to Live TV instead of the guide whenever you start the app. The app looks great, and the picture quality in HD is outstanding. I look forward to the improvements in future versions.

Christopher · 8/1/2015
Windows 10

I like that it is ad free and works with Windows 10 without having to download chrome. That being said.. It works fantastically with GREAT quality for viewing live TV, BUT if you plan on fast forwarding while using your DVR, or expect quick control with your remote forget it. The chrome app works way better for that. I am a Windows person and really don't like having to install Chrome on my PC, but if you want to FF thru commercials etc. while using your slingbox that is what you have to do. This app is slower than the browser app. They need to make the quality auto instead of having to reduce quality just to use your remote.

Enzo · 8/1/2015
It could be much better

The only highlight is that it is free. I have had no connection issues. However, the app has several issues because it has not been updated. First, it is slow. Slower than the web interface and the old Windows App. There is no way to resize the window and I hope that I am able to when I upgrade to Windows 10. if you move away from the App, it disconnects which is annoying. HD quality never seems to work although it works find when using the web player. If you only care about full screen mode say on a table, then it is a workable solution. If you want a desktop version of the app, this will not cut it.

Reviewer 9963 · 7/16/2015
Don't waste your time with this company

Company started out with such promise. Hardware used to work fine, but now.....Software has more bugs and flaws than Windows ME. Will it work? What channels will disappear from the guide. I thought you said you fixed that. Real support is nonexistent. Another company putting up a showing of support just to end up not really answering your actual questions and hence not solving your problems.

Reviewer 7259 · 8/6/2015
Android app Much Better

Too broken up and confusing. No channel listing available at start up. When app is restarted sound of previous channel is heard but not availed to view. Many problems. Should just copy android design and forget about trying to be cute.

Manohar · 8/1/2015
Lot of bugs in this windows version

Navigation is so hard, not easy to navigate & remote alsonot visible

Chris · 8/13/2015
This app is garbage

It hardly ever works or is consistent. Same network my phone works fine, this app stutters, freezes, all I see are the spinning dots over and over. Doesn't matter which quality setting I choose either. No better in windows 10.

Dave · 8/20/2015
Takes forever to load

Using Surface Pro 3 and Windows 10. Couldn't load the channel, just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning. Now using web browser plugin in IE. That works great. Why can't this app work as simple as that

Mike and Dina · 8/10/2015
frustrated long time slingbox user

does not work well at all. web player worked well but wit win10 that does not work either!


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