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This update includes support for the Slingbox M2.

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Reviewer 9963 · 7/16/2015
Don't waste your time with this company

Company started out with such promise. Hardware used to work fine, but now.....Software has more bugs and flaws than Windows ME. Will it work? What channels will disappear from the guide. I thought you said you fixed that. Real support is nonexistent. Another company putting up a showing of support just to end up not really answering your actual questions and hence not solving your problems.

Stace · 7/23/2015

Sling used to offer great hardware and descent software. Now they just make descent hardware. Ads in software is the dumbest thing ever. Are they not getting enough money for the hardware? I really need to find an alternative solution.

Reviewer 4484 · 7/18/2015
Works well on windows 10, and with no adds

It's annoying that there's no network stats, but this works well on windows 10 and the web client has become so full of adds I'd much rather use this, despite flaws

Michael · 7/22/2015
Windows 8 App

Poor image quality on a very high bandwidth connection . . . almost no controls. Takes a long time to scroll through a long list of panels when you already know what you are looking for. Designed for desperate couch potatoes only.

Daniel · 3/3/2015
not worth buying

Unfortunately, after buying this app I found that it has trouble connecting to my Slingbox 500 (either takes too long or doesn't connect at all) and then the quality of the pic is mostly horrible (if not frozen). The voice often is out of sync with the video. Even the remote commands take forever to execute. Even when it is working in HD it seems to have a problem with fast moving objects, for example a football or basketball. We have had to go back to using the actual browser to access our programming. Also, be aware that this app does not support connection to Roku devices. For some reason Slingbox only chose to add that feature to the Ipad app. All in all the lack of Windows support from Slingbox has made their product just about useless to us. Hopefully they take the time to address their issues soon

Xavier · 3/4/2015
Extremely unstable. No one Sling tested thus app.

Just switching apps is enough to crash thus app so it does not work again. While watching a video if the user switches to another app and back the video is stopped and the guide comes up, which takes a lot of time, than attempting to start the video again fails from then on. Restarting Windows or the app may or may not help. The aspect ratio must be set manually, the app is unable to automatically determine it. It is bad enough Sling has abandoned their earlier Slingboxes and chose to charge their customer extra to use their current boxes and then charge some mire for each type of device and os, but then they deliver incompetent apps.

james · 2/19/2015
Works Great

I have a Surface Pro and a HP Stream 7 This app works perfect. Its a little different from the iPhone and ipad app but works just as well. Perfect streaming on the HP Stream 7 with only 1G ram

Madison · 1/21/2015
So, so player in need of enhancements.

The Sling-player works best with DVR. Channel surfing results in frequent disconnects, and is cumbersome. The "guide" shouldn't reset to the top of my channel list every time it opens. There is no way to create macros of commands. i.e. setting reminders or switching to high definition channel when available without having to use the tiny buttons on the virtual remote. The ability to edit my "guide's" displayed channels should be made easier. The built-in filters are of little use. The search function does not work. I get an error with every attempted use. The audio is not the best only adequate. The M1 is is my 3rd Slingbox since 2006. The picture is beautiful & works, but trying to channel surf is frustrating. Past experience says I must upgrade my FIOS with a DVR to really get the most out the box & player. Slinging from Philly to Amsterdam was great with the free player in 2007. Today the free player is clunky. I just hate having to pay $14 after I'd bought the Windows Mobile @$30

Renato · 11/4/2014
Not even Beta-test version worthy!

This app is at the most an early draft version that hasn't even reached the initial test stage - nothing more, but a lot less. It doesn't work 98% of time on my Surface Pro 3; it lets you sign in and finds your Slingbox(es), but after that - nothing but system hanging! It says loading on the screen, but what it is loading is unclear, probably loading the gene sequences for all of living humanity, and the death as well. Insane, how Sling would sell such a clear failure; heck, I wouldn't even take it if it were free! Look at all the negative feedback here, and this since months after months without any reaction from Sling. I have used SlingPlayer on an iPad for years, flawlessly other than because of Apple, it doesn't allow to roll back time like on the Win7 PC version. Now, on the Surface Pro 3 with Win8.1, I have no idea what to use. Even their website is confusing with their M1 exceptions all over the place. Common, Sling, get your act together. I'm uninstalling this app.

L · 10/11/2014
This App is Not Worth $14.99 for Samsung Laptops

I have the sling app for the Samsung phone and tablets and it works perfectly. Why would one believe it would not work as well for the laptop? Well it does not work well, first the guide and channels are not synced to your cable network. There is no where to fix it. The channel changing is slow and crashes. The streaming quality is poor. This is not worth $14.99. I wish I could get my money back for this app. Stick to using it on your tablet or phone just not laptop. Epic fail!!

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