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User · 8/28/2013


User · 4/13/2013

Great in concept but erasing objects function leaves a lot to be desired. Only works 10% of the time if object isn't human. If object is human, works about 50-60%. Please improve.

User · 3/24/2013

Wished I could keep them all

User · 1/4/2013

Slow and Blurry

Sunil · 12/9/2012

There is too much variation in brightness between pictures

Nick · 8/11/2013

very nice app that takes a series of pictures and let me choose the best shot

Al · 7/30/2013

Cool but I wish you could load pics that you've already taken from outside the app

Colin · 6/22/2013

It would be great if you could switch faces from photos that you already took, but otherwise, its a great app.

Mike · 6/7/2013

Taking pictures and selecting the best one works well. Good job. The 'erase object' option does not seem to work well. I cannot select what I want removed and what is auto selected for me is not what I want. The objects that are selected are only a portion of the total object, like an arm, not the whole body.

Darmawan · 2/17/2013

Behaving strangely: take pictures in the portrait mode; when saved the pictures appear upside down. Nokia Lumia 820. Pls fix


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