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Chill Penguin · 10/28/2011

The "unavailable update channel" error can be circumvented by uninstalling the app, powercycling your phone, then reinstalling the app. Annoying, but it works.

ochob1t · 5/13/2011

Works for me. Icon of app is ugly. Need more live tile customization, like font or font size.

Player523914132 · 4/17/2011

Love the idea but won't work on my HD7 from T-Mobile.

BuAziz88 · 4/13/2011

Good idea, but it doesn't work. People say that it takes a lot of time to load, if that is the case, it is too bad, it would've been the most useful app

BLADERunnerEX · 4/13/2011

Not so smart. Has it for couple weeks and push to tile never works. Tells me I have no cellular data available yet I can update a review for this app. Dumb

AmitManjayani · 4/10/2011

M getting an error message "Unable to open notification channel". I don't usually give bad ratings but its not doing what it says

Jiyongred · 4/5/2011

Can't get the live tile to work at all. Seems like a great idea, though.

The-Phong · 11/18/2014

Will rate 5 stars if its' tile can be stretched horizontally to fit the width of screen (like calendar tile). Also the back can be also added notes as front) or a marquee text inside of a long narrow tile will be excellent and unique to others.

Mark · 10/6/2013

I've been using this app for a long time. After reading my review from over a year ago the concerns I had then have been fixed. It's a very useful app the stays right at the top of my home screen.

Mangled Kittens · 9/21/2012

I LOVE this app! So simple, yet so undeniably, awesomely useful!