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Travis · 5/25/2015

Awesome app. Way easier to use and more organized than any smite related site.

Devin · 4/11/2015

I assume this doesn't work with the Xbox One version yet, hope that's a soon fix. Big issue is the app is beautiful! But the tile art isn't so much. Add something better looking that K looks bad.

Mark · 2/7/2015

The only thing I wish for in this app is a more detailed item section, with prices and the ability to see items like health potions, just for reference to the numbers. Definitely a fantastic app otherwise

alexander · 8/19/2014

I like the player search for checking Elo! But the Pie chart should be cleaned up and have maybe only the players top 5-7 gods played, also the looking at players recent matches by game type is very confusing and cluttered, maybe a simplify it little more? But overall the BEST Smite App available on windows at the moment!

Aaron · 6/25/2014

This makes everything so much easier to find, especially when I'm in ranked I can check other peoples elo

David · 6/24/2014

Excellent app, little behind on updates though. Some items dont appear just blank spaces.

paul · 3/6/2014

The build lab is compact purposely so that it fits multiple mobile resolutions. The game has much more space to work with than we do, otherwise it would match 1-1.

Michael · 3/3/2014

This app is okay, but its organization in the build lab is small unlike actual smite. Also some items are not there like tabi for instance.

Chase · 2/2/2014

Love the app! However, if I may make one suggestion. Jungle timers! This is something I'd love to see for beginner junglers like me. Great work though! I'm looking forward to future updates.

Joshua · 11/10/2013

Only app on the market to have a build lab and do exactly what its supposed to. Love it


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Version notes

== Update June 18 2015 == Updated god art and fixed bugs related to HiRez server response issues. == Update April 14 2015 == Updated art and fixed minor bugs related to API changes from HiRez. The new tile art will be included in the next update. == Update March 2 2015 == Updated art and fixed bug related to settings page errors caused by improper load handlers. == Update January 17 2015 == Updated game art to support the latest Hirez release. == Update January 14 2015 == Fixed missing Joust 3v3 Mode, adjusted artwork settings and fixed ads showing for sponsors that removed them. == Update December 30 2014 == Updated art == Update November 4 2014 == Art updates, efficiency updates, and reduced battery use! == Update October 2 2014 == Art updates, and the long awaited localization features! Not all languages are supported yet, but more will roll out weekly. == Update September 11 2014 == Art updates for new gods and new old gods. A new set of features are in the pipe, so no new features this patch but expect them soon! == Update August 21 2014 == Art updates for the new god have been added. Bug Fixes - Item shop bug fix: tapping select without picking an item will no longer remove that slot from use! == Update August 12 2014 == Build saving has arrived! Also included is the art bug fix for matches, and new God art. == Update July 16 2014 == This update includes bug fixes and new God art. == Update June 24 2014 == The latest update includes image updates, usability changes, and identifies a bug in the Hi-Rez system. You may notice Rama lacks suggested items, this is a bug that will likely be hotfixed by HiRez, please don't report it to us as we're aware of the situation.