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Axel · 3/13/2014

Everything was find until you request support. There is a problem with backup using Onedrive, delete of subfolder content, and support . Sorry, but support is important even after you buy it!!!

Abraham · 7/23/2013
Sounds awesome,

However no Hebrew support

Reviewer 2004 · 5/24/2015
Mrs. B

So far this is great. I hope it has an icon that gives you information on the page showing contents of selected folder for the day or event or chosen order of importantance

Reviewer 0533 · 4/11/2015
It's not the best nor the worse

The good things are, the user interface is good. The Options to create folders. The many not so good things, poor communication with the developer, and you expect someone to buy from you? The search feature do not work. The choice of graphic is horrible with no options of removing the "blue tablecloth" as a file background. Odd snowflakes and the drawing of a pen that is imprinted on every file cover. Plus butterflies, that's not an issue if you like butterflies on your professional notes I guess.

Ahmed · 7/17/2014

Difficult to operate. No tutorials. It should be simplified. No linking between Notes and schedules.

troy · 7/1/2014
Great App

Great Product. I use it constantly out in the field to add notes regarding projects and pics for reference.

Robert · 5/3/2014
Needs fixing

Very good app but can not apply font colors and sizes in the final saved version nor does colors and sizes change on the preview.

Michael · 4/8/2014
Not meeting its potential

I like the fact that I can write notes freehand and convert to searchable text. The search and sort functions seem like they would be very valuable but the program seems to crash when I try to use them on large groups of notes.

K · 3/20/2014
Good concept

Not user friendly. Too many steps to get to a note you have made. Would be nice to see your note on the window when you open the folder rather than having to go through so many steps just to see what the note says.

Lori · 2/6/2014
class notes

this app is very helpful when taking in class notes.



  • Attaching photos and graphics to notes
  • Support of backup
  • Setting a password to run the program or on specific folders
  • Creation an unlimited number of notes
  • Searching through your notes
  • Filtering notes by date

App details

Version notes

v.2.2.1 1. The problem with adding Sub-Folder has been fixed. 2. Improvements with the placement of notes in Sub-Folder were made v.2.0 1. Support folders in categories (simulation file structure) without limiting their number has been added. Now you can structure your notes into different folders. 2. Optimization to save the changes were made. 3. Graphical user interface has been improved. 4. Minor bugs in the calendar have been fixed. v.1.55 Added support RigtToLeft Added support for Windows 8.1 v.1.5 Detailed view notes has been added Support share function has been added Documentation describing all the features of the application has been added (in English and Russian languages) v.1.4.3 It has been added support for viewing pictures in a note in real size, but not little version. v.1.4 Support for the annual notes (which will operate every year, but no once) was added Support for adding and playback of audio files to a note has been added Added support for the following languages​​: Traditional Chinese, Hebrew, Portugal, Korean v.1.3 Support of advanced text formatting (font name, font color, text highlight color, strikethrough, subscript, superscript) has been added not for all text, but for any particular part. Support of addition of hyperlink to note text has been added Support of actions Undo/Redo during typing notes has been added

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