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Cameron · 5/29/2014
Use to be good.

This application, ever since the name and interface was changed, gives you nothing more then spam and junk and then you will think it is part of your actual facebook account then you will end up switching applications just like I did.

tim · 12/18/2013
Photo problem

Since last update I can't post photos?? Time to change to better Facebook app.

Raymond · 10/17/2013
Badly Needs a Redesign

This app doesn't know how to properly display Facebook. There are a variety of problems with display. I had though, because it was designed to work with touch it would be useful, but when the whole navigation bar goes invisible, the app is not usable. I would not recommend it.

Arron · 9/6/2013
I don't know about this

As soon as I started using this app I have had repeated daily attempts to log in to my account from unknown devices, stopped only by having already set up additional security through Facebook. As soon as I change my password it stops until I log into the app with the new password and then it starts again. This leads me to believe they are attempting to hack my account.

sven · 8/9/2013
decent but not good enough

design still needs improvements, loading is a bit slow compared to using FB on a web browser. overall not bad, but if these problems are fixed, this app would totally be worth using in the long term. for now I prefer using FB on a web browser compared to this app until improvements are made

Brenda · 8/8/2013
Not good

Pictures are way too big, bad resolution, long loading time. I would rather use my phone, quicker, better looking pictures, easier options for interacting. This is a throw away app for Windows 8.

Carl · 8/4/2013
Back button

Every thing would be great if when I hit the back button it wouldn't reset me at the top of the page. Then I have to figure out where I was

Tuna · 8/2/2013

it just is not fluid.

Kelcey · 7/22/2013
Could be better.

It works ok but it has a couple of quirks that are annoying (like starting at the top of the newsfeed whenever you go back to it) and it seems to crash at times when I am trying to send a message. Just needs a bit of improvement.

BB Moulton · 7/22/2013
Try again, please!

Any time I click on a picture or story and then try to get back to the newsfeed, I am brought back to the top instead of where I left off. Very frustrating. Lately I have not even been able to log on. It just gives a generic error message that something went wrong. Improvements are definitely in order.



  • Access to your news feed
  • View user profiles
  • Chat with friends
  • View and compose messages
  • View events
  • View your notifications
  • View the list of friends
  • Search people, groups and pages
  • Configure your settings
  • Live Tile (showing recent news feed items)
  • More...

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