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v2.3.3 (WP8+): - Added the ability to only update live tile and download notifications over WiFi

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User · 2/10/2014

Worthless. Can't figure out how to add books, and the ISBN scanner doesn't work at all.

Alessandro · 10/7/2013

Not bad but it crashes at open if I block the background agent :(

Amjad · 8/19/2013

Sign in with Facebook doesn't work.

Sudha Krishna · 5/18/2013

Doesn't open with background task turned off..

Tamika · 4/9/2013

Nice interface but mine keeps crashing on my HTC8X.

Jacqueline · 2/6/2013

The ISBN scanner works less than a third of the time. All of my shelves are not available to file books l am considering. I just searched for a book and could not add it to my to read shelf because it was not an option. There are other search issues which make it less functional than I would like.

Viswanath · 2/5/2013

This app has good functionality but I don't like the UI at all.

Melody F · 1/8/2013

Can't get it to log in and work.

Rebecca · 12/19/2012

Not as good as Bookly Free. Doesn't show friend reviews.

Nathan · 2/12/2015

Has gotten so much better. Used to have a constant bar going across the screen looking like it was never finished loading. It sure feels a lot faster now. Would like to start seeing change logs again though. Haven't seen one in months even though the app is updated regularly. Edit: There's a change log again!