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Jason · 8/8/2015

The Socl service is my favorite social media site after Twitter. I wish it was better known. This app works well on my HTC One M8 letting me create posts, view feeds, and do almost everything the Socl website allows. I wish it was updated more with new features such as push notifications (currently are able to get customizable notifications through email), but it is great as is. It is a nice way to be inspired by an express your creativity.

Derek · 2/4/2014

Buggy. Login problems. Live tile won't clear message notice no matter what. Neat concept but it should be labeled Socl Beta.

Benjamin · 12/21/2013

Like the concept but all features don't work, cannot view parties because no flash, shouldn't just repackage mobile website as is.

Martin · 12/16/2013

Its basically a webapp. I like socl but this is not worth downloading. Wait for a REAL app

Kevin · 12/10/2013

Awesome, good job. I used Blink to post to Socl, and now there's this app. Love it!

Amirhossein · 4/15/2015

It's really good but the problem is It doesn't work in the background. And I don't receive the push notifications.

John · 7/30/2015

I always knock it down a touch when a first party MS app doesn't sport a Modern UI/UX very well or have a live tile.

Sergio · 10/4/2014

I love Socl, and this app really let's you use most features from the site and share as you please. It could get better in terms of UI but it certainly gets the job done and it's fun to use.

Ab · 9/5/2014

Love the app please bring us an update soon. Does run a bit slow. This could really be something!

Stone · 4/26/2014

This is such a great service, I wish that they would continue to work on this app to make it better. PLEASE


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