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Dave · 6/26/2014
Hidden Charges

This app makes you pay to use common features. Xodo Docs is much better.

Ren · 4/11/2014

This application does not truly convert pdf's into word documents. When you convert the document from pdf to word it will only convert the pdf file into an image where it is inserted in a word document. Therefore, it will convert the pdf into word, but you can not edit the text because the pdf was converted into an image. Do not purchase this application if you want to edit pdf files. I do not recommend this application.

Reviewer 3568 · 4/6/2015
My Favorite Reader for Studying

This is my favorite reader for studying with eTextbooks because it maintains the original .PDF bookmarks for the Table of Contents to skip straight to your page (if the file was already setup to have it), and this reader also keeps a list of your own notes and jumps straight to the pages for your own personal bookmarks too. It has been frustrating to find a program that lists exactly where your notes are AND keeps the default bookmarks both separately listed. This is a great studying tool and has great animation for reading too.

Kenneth · 2/10/2015
Amazing Design, but Struggles with Large PDFs

Soda has everything I want in a PDF reader - except speed. Excellent home screen, tons of features, all laid out logically. You can do anything you need quickly and easily. But Soda can't smoothly read larger PDFs like textbooks, which is what I need. I can't even scroll down half a page without stuttering and loading delays, sometimes taking 4 to 5 seconds. The same files are perfectly smooth in other readers on the same device. However, I like this app so much, I'm still gonna try to use it, but I'm just not sure if I can really deal with it long term.

christopher · 10/20/2014
I love the app but

The only thing I really don't like is that the documents don't print with your pen edits. Defeats the purpose of editing if you can't share it or make copies of it. Please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gordon · 4/10/2014
Great App!

This is exactly what I have been looking for - a PDF reader that gives me the option for rendering the file into a 2-page book view. Soda PDF 3D Reader does this nicely. Great Job!

rose · 4/7/2014
good but needs work

I like the idea of reading a pdf like a book turning pages like a real book but there needs to be an option to enlarge the print in the 3d reader it is to small I have bad eye site and love reading books but cant any more I have to read them on my touch screen laptop soda pdf 3d reader is good but please make it where I can in large the print in 3d mood

David James · 11/14/2013
Very close

This app is almost there. As others have said, it lags quite badly (I use a Surface RT). Having said that, if it were smoother it would be an app I'd pay for as I'd use it a lot for presentations.

Evans · 11/3/2013
Nice App

the 3D navigation is awesome. need to smoothen scrolling and page navigation in the other views. Would be great if we add a way to maintain a pdf collection library (with thumbnail view) the music app maintains a music collection.

Anna · 6/10/2013

The appearance and features are everything I wanted in a PDF reader, but the page turning animation isn't sensitive enough. You have to pause at the edge before you can swipe slowly across. Or, you have to tap the center margin just so to get the page turning menu to appear. This makes turning pages rather laborious. Hopefully updates will give page turn animation the effortlessness it should have for the Surface RT.



  • View any PDF document in 3D view without converting the file
  • Open, read, save and print catalogues, books, magazines and more in PDF format
  • Find Text, View Search results and View Bookmarks functions

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Version notes

This release contains new features that can be added from within the application: • Annotate Mark your document by highlighting, underlining, and strikethrough. Add Shapes, use the Pen tool, and add Text to your document. • Convert Our Convert feature will allow you to convert your PDF documents into Microsoft Word format, allowing you to edit all aspects of the document.

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