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User · 6/25/2013

Don't like the need for accessing contacts

nawrestling1 · 10/22/2012

Been waiting for this app. But it won't play anything. It downloads them, but won't play anything. Not even the preloaded articles. Please fix

Sergio · 1/20/2014

This is truly a great way to consume written news from your favorite sites without actually read them. The app just reads them to you. It's really good.

伟宏 · 6/24/2013

It's a great app to train my English, even though the voice of it sounds freaky.

Heath · 6/14/2013

I recently switched from Android and, though I love this platform, I miss Umano and thought this would be a similar experience. It is not!

User · 6/1/2013

Simply amazing idea and well finished app!!! Loving it!

Lakshminarayanan · 5/23/2013

A lot lot better than previous version. One thing I'd like is to have skip with player controls. Currently it forwards to a certain length instead of skipping the current playing .

Ian · 12/8/2012

Very cool app and now that the bug is fixed on windows phone 8 I'm back to listening to my MSDN blog entries. :-)

Nealon14 · 9/18/2012

Playing audio from the app doesn't work. But if I connect my drop box to soundgecko, I can listen from my drop box.

Robert · 7/27/2014

Its great, only issue I have is you can't listen to your articles offline


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