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ED · 8/11/2015
Great on Android, not on Windows 10

I love this app on my android! I was disappointed it didn't work here. But then I found it as a chrome extension with the same format as my android. It works perfect. Please integrate it completely into Windows 10! I couldn't get Cortana to understand anything using my Lenovo Helix built in mic. Assistant Ai worked perfectly even with a lot of background noise... Thanks for the work this far..it is the best out there!

Rob · 7/21/2015
It had gotten a lot better, but ...

This version of this app is practically useless. I say something about Facebook and it tries to give me the weather in Facebook. The Android version is somewhat useful, but this one needs to be fixed before it's worth using. Update: This had gotten a lot better to the point it was actually really good, but since last update it doesn't work. All I get now are error messages. Please fix this! Update: Months later. Still no fix. The app still doesn't do anything at all. Just tells me there is an error. Please fix this!!! I used to love this app, but I'm about to uninstall it. Update July 2015: Wow it actually understands my voice again. I'll have to see what else the have fixed!

Reviewer 7978 · 8/4/2015
about as good as what I have on my android phone

the avatar needs to be more changed able, this one is like when the android app first came out, ugly looking from what it is today. as far as the A.I. oh yes it is as good as the one on my phone.

Reviewer 0377 · 7/25/2015

Can be helpful for everyday simple questions and gathering information.

Tracy · 3/3/2015

Kind of cool, but still needs a lot of work. Cool platform, but terrible function.

Katherine · 7/10/2014
Not so good

I use this on my Galaxy S II and thought id find and give it a try on here, but unfortunately the moment I started using it my assistant was unresponsive. I really to hope you fix this soon. Thank you

iman · 6/17/2014

its not working.Why????????

Paul · 3/12/2014
Android YES! Windows ... Not so much.

Put this on my android tablet, and love it! Have attempted to use it on 3 different windows 8.1 machines (HP Envy, HP Pavilion 23, and Surface 2 RT). No go on any of them. Just comes up with "I'm getting a strange error message. I'll let my creators know and they will fix it ASAP." I really want it to work, and will keep waiting for an update or fix, but until it does, 2 stars. (That only because I love it on my Android!)

Reviewer 1935 · 5/24/2015
Great, with suggestions~!

I tried this out, and I love it! I want you to add more customization features, such as changing the name, more open voice features, customizable pronunciation, and make the keyboard button stay open on click, until clicked again. I just LOVE this product, but if you add these things, 5 star guaranteed!!!

Carlos · 7/7/2015
No premium version yet?

You get what you pay for. Would love to buy the premium!



  • Natural language dialog
  • Virtual assistance
  • Speech recognition and generation
  • Navigation
  • Open websites
  • Weather
  • Music playback
  • Internet search
  • Calendar management
  • Translation
  • News
  • Unit conversion
  • Task and notes management
  • Reference information lookup
  • Find restaurants (Yelp, TripAdvisor)
  • Update status in social networks

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