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Jose R. · 7/10/2015

Finally!!! Only one suggestion: if possible, it would be great to choose either cellular network or WiFi without having to turn off WiFi manually from the phone settings. But still a great app!

Karim · 7/12/2015

Great work but the results are below the correct ones .. My Download speed is about 7 Mbps but it shows me 5 Mbps

Abed · 7/31/2015

Useful app, works well.

John · 1/19/2015

Seems to work ok for download speeds, but upload was wildly over actual. There are unlabeled buttons at the bottom of the UI. I selected one and apparently I began to purchase something. I stopped it, and no purchase went through, but I still have no idea what I was buying. Didn't think there would be a $$$ button next to the "run again" button..

Ali Raza · 6/9/2015

waste of time... doesnt show accurate stats.. android version is quite good but this is not working well. i'll rate again if you improve this app.

Ryan · 4/30/2015

Most trusted site for speed test. Thank you for supporting the Windows phone platform.

Harsh Vardhan · 5/28/2015

Add A download time calculator . That would be great.

Valentin · 3/21/2015

Why does a network speed test need access to my music library, photos library and the phone dialer?

Amir · 6/15/2015

Thanks ; fast and useful .

vadim · 7/24/2015

Works well and accuracy is ok. For those wondering what you're buying if you click the button.. its for removing ads. Says it on the UI if you click the ... Thanks devs