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Sam · 7/21/2015

Update this app now. It won't sync with Splash ID desktop version 8! We Windows Phone users pay the same amount of money as the other platform. We deserve same support from SplashData!

Mark A. · 5/17/2015

Been using SplashData products since Palm Tungsten days, always secure and worked great. Had some hiccups in the transition to v8 and cloud sync but some of those due to PC and phone changes as well as Windows upgrades and phone resets. But in the end, I still have every password of the last 10 years captured and secured safely. I can't see myself changing to anything else. Simple yet powerful solution. Great software and app! Thanks, Lifetime accountholder

L. Sandy · 6/18/2015

We are losing all of our entries after install then relogin. Please fix this! I'm tired of reinstalling the app every time I need to get a password...

Scott · 2/24/2015

Works great with cloud sync enabled. Looking forward to version 8.

John · 12/27/2014

This is the absolute worst supported app...it fails to sync after the first sync...I have worked with the support staff....over and over and over...abd they blame my data. I even redid my ENTIRE DATABASE (200 records)....SAME PROBLEM....Their response "we can't duplicate, and your the only one with this issue"....ya, ok....sure...I guess none of you other poor owners have any problem with this wonderful, unsupported app on WP....either....give me a break....I suppose the "excellent" rating of 2.8 is a fluke too.....sorry for the rant....but this app is a nightmare, if you want to sync.

Chris · 12/16/2014

Just upgraded, trying to use the new cloud sync feature. First time opened, works great, syncs everything down onto my phone. The second time I run it, I enter my password and all the records are GONE. Can't find a way to get them back short of reinstalling the app. Did they test this thing at all?

Pele · 10/16/2014

Slow at startup... Sync using wifi flawlessly.

Darren · 9/25/2014

Draconian subscription lock-downs—you have to create and verify an online account just to test-drive the app. No way to copy data to clipboard from an entry other than to go into edit mode, highlight the text in the field you need, use the built-in copy functionality, and then exit out of editing mode (and hope that you copied all the text and that you didn't inadvertently edit the field). HUGE oversight!

JIRKA · 9/24/2014

Last time in my WinPhone 8.1 application lost data after sync 😈 Lost CATEGORIES and TYPE and not see anything's in telephone...in PC working fine.

Mike · 7/12/2014

I have used SplashID since my Palm Pilot days. However, I am disappointed with the Windows Phone app. I frequently loses data, even though data still exists on the Cloud database and the app show it is syncing. The only workaround uninstall the WP app and reinstall it. I have done that about a dozen times already over the last 6 months. Need to fix that bug!!!


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Updates: 1. 'Unable to load database’ fix 2. Records display issue fix 3. Create/Edit record fix 4. Improved stability and performance