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Ray · 9/1/2015
Splashtop Awesome

I would like Splashtop to be able to display both screens of multi monitor systems. Other than that very easy to get over request, this is an outstanding piece of software. Well written, well supported, and certainly worth the registration fee if you've ever had the need to remotely access your computer. Easy to use, easy to setup.... fine job!

Reviewer 2920 · 8/18/2015
Works for managing my kids computers at home

My kids are always having computer problems but they have too many different devices so I just use Splashtop to access them all. It makes working on them that much easier. however, I wish the Linux version was a bit better than it is cause its not as friendly as the windows version. Thanks Splashtop.

Mark · 8/29/2015

I use it to access my home computer from a tablet, making it essentially a Pc. It also helps me solve issues for my parents without driving over to their house. Great.

Curt · 8/30/2015
Long time user...

Love it. Especially useful with low-end Windows editions that do not allow RDP.

Chuck · 8/27/2015
Years of Value...With a Few Tweaks

Have used to access my personal and business computers for years and done a great job. Could be five stars if remote wakeup was more reliable. Highly recommend!

Chad · 8/3/2015
This rocks!

This is the only remote control app I've found that works for me. Even the Remote Desktop apps always drop the connection regularly whereas Splashtop keeps a consistent one. It's Touchscreen support is also more smooth and intuitive than any other app I've tried. It works beautifully on my Surface RT (running Windows RT 8.1), as well as my Surface Pro running sparkling new Windows 10! Give this one a try, it's da bomb!

Evan · 7/30/2015
Works Well Most of the Time

Splashtop is an excellent remote access program that works on a variety of devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). I find that it occasionally will drop the connection but it is easy to get it re-established.

Reviewer 4056 · 7/16/2015
Really Nice, But

This is a very nice client (I've used the Android one, too). Unfortunately, it has troubles with my attached keyboard (pgup, pgdn, home, and end don't work... looks like alt doesn't work, either) and the keyboard popup button won't let my Bluetooth attached mouse move the cursor in that region (Asus T100TAM-C1-GM). Also, there's no sound even though the Android one worked with sound.

B · 8/18/2015
Best Remote access

I really Like this APP. I Like be in able to log on to my Desktop from my tablet. The A pep works great but the Desktop has to be on and not sleep.

Reviewer 4496 · 7/11/2015
Pretty Good

It's a pretty good app, however, it does do some weird things. On occasion specific keys of the keyboard either stop working or change function. Other than that it's pretty fast and works great for me as I'm constantly on the road.



  • Access your PC or Mac apps, games, multimedia content, and files over LAN, Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G from your Windows RT tablet.
  • Enjoy high-definition videos and other multimedia content streamed at up to 30 frames per second from your remote computer.
  • Access all of your programs and files with 100% compatibility, including PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Chrome, Safari, and all other PC/Mac applications.
  • Keep your computer sleeping until you need it with Wake-on-LAN.

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• Supports any computers or tablets running Windows 8.1 (both ARM and x86)

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