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Jeff · 11/26/2012

This app IS NOT worth $9.99. It MAY; MAY be worth $0.99. Does NOTHING like I expected it to do. I'm in total agreement with Stephen on this one. I've tried registry hacks for an hour......Nothing. I just installed it and yes, I paid for it. Now......... I'm going to uninstall it forever. This I nothing more than a large space wasting bookmark on your start page....and when you open it, what do you get? MORE bookmarks that you can't even save to the start page. USE YOUR BROWSER !!!

cal · 11/12/2012

what a great app, keep the work up.

Tim · 11/23/2012
Sports Center

Needs to be able to support flash, ie. looking at rivals you can not see the recruiting ratings nor can you watch anything on ESPN video as they require flash. You have to go to desktop mode in Win 8. Would be nice to have a complete app that you not only can read but also watch.

Stephen · 11/18/2012
Not worth $10

All this app consists of is a bunch of bookmarks for sports websites. The description for the app was unclear and I'm not happy that I paid $10 for it.

Randy · 11/23/2012
Sports Center

I am a hug sport enthusiast. Love all sport this app is perfect for me. I follow with interest in the Bulls, the Browns, USC, UW, the Big Ten, the Pac Ten, SEC. I watch excessive amounts of college football, college basketball, pro football, and pro basketball . And of course I got sucked into the Olympics, the Stanley Cup, World cup, and pretty much any other major sports event. Thank for this app "I LOVE IT". Thank goodness for this app.

Anonymous · 11/18/2012
See Lee

this is a great app, has all the sport sites anyone could be looking for, plus it has an address bar so I can add any website i wish. The other app dont have any address window to go to different sites. I dont know what stephen was expecting, most of the the sites, I have view are the same, but this one this the best.