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Björn · 8/27/2015

I love the Spotify service and use it on my computer all time. However, the app to windows phone does not work very well. It is very slow and crashes many times. Come on now Sotify, please optimize it. I would also like to have the possibility to sort songs on artist, now you can't sort at all. Would also be nice to have the album cover on the lock screen when playing but the optimization of the app is most important at the moment!

Adam · 8/26/2015

Good app. Well done for wp8 I wish it was free to get your playlists....

Jacob · 8/26/2015

Its Xbox music but you can share playlists

Isaac · 8/25/2015

I would rate 5 stars but it lacks some features I really would love to see in this app. Apart from the fact that I now have a limit of the number of songs I can skip and other things I don't like (limits which weren't on past versions of Spotify) but I understand since they need money to keep maintaining this app... Well here are the list of things I would like to have within this app: - Cortana integration: Make Cortana launch this app and go to certain album, artist or song, and play (or not) the songs. Something like 'Cortana play Shake it off on Spotify' or 'Cortana open/play my favorite album on Spotify'. Now that would be really cool. -Lyrics for the current song playing. -Show last artist/album cover played in spotify on lock Screen like other apps can change the lock screen with an image of the app, if the user wants to. I hope to see these features soon but for now 4/5 Bugs... No bugs or crashes I think not even a little amount of them. App is of great quality overall.

Albert · 8/25/2015

Very good app, but it tends to lock up quite a bit. I have an HTC M8 One for windows, installed on the phones internal memory, and it still locks up a lot. Not only that, but trying to use the menu isn't always easy. I have to select the same option multiple times before I get to where I want to go. Android and iPhone apps seem seamless compared to this one. I give it four stars, because I know it can be better. Great overall though.

ronald · 8/23/2015

This music thing.... Share music playlist with the ones you love. Genius. I've expanded my horizons with many lovers sharing playlists. Its like mix tapes, mix cds. On steroids....take my advice, start a playlist and invite someone your into, its gonna bring you two closer than roses, wine or jewelry... Trust me. 5fn stars.

Chris · 8/23/2015

I use this app daily. The only thing I wish is that other apps could incorporate Spotify into them (such as alarm clocks and rhythm games that let you play your own music). That would be awesome!

Amy · 8/27/2015

Love this app! Very easy to get to new music & add to a playlist

Alec · 8/23/2015

Add the menu button to every screen! It's really annoying that the app closes when I hit the back button and I have to wait for it to open and load again just so I can get back to my music or radio stations

kenneth · 8/23/2015

Great music collection.


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What's New • Overall performance improvements. • Now rename your playlists and delete radio stations you don’t listen to anymore. • Last.fm scrobbling support